Jeremy Renner appeared on the red carpet for the first time after his snow plow accident. He had a very special guest with him.

When people heard about Jeremy Renner’s snow plow accident, they were really worried, and it was a big deal. For some time, he was in critical condition, but now it looks like he is getting better.

This week, Jeremy Renner showed up on the red carpet for the first time since the accident. And to make it even more special, he brought someone very important with him to celebrate the occasion.


Jeremy Renner, the actor famous for his role as Hawkeye in the Avengers movies, also became a real-life superhero. One day, his nephew Alexander Fries got stuck in the snow, and Jeremy decided to help.

As per a report from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Jeremy towed his nephew’s vehicle with a snow plow. But things took a scary turn. The snow plow started sliding and rolling down a hill. Jeremy quickly jumped out of the machine when he realized his nephew was in its way.


Once Jeremy Renner got off the snow plow, he saw it was heading straight towards his nephew. Worried that it might hit his nephew, he tried to stop or change the direction of the snow plow.

In the heat of the moment, Jeremy decided to jump into the driver’s seat to stop the snow plow. Unfortunately, he got pulled under the left side track of the vehicle, and it caused him serious injuries. He was quickly taken to the hospital after the accident.

In a recent interview, Jeremy shared that he broke around “35 or so” bones. Doctors had to figure out which injuries were the most serious and needed urgent attention. He kept discovering new breaks even weeks after the accident.


Jeremy Renner talked about his serious accident and said, “It just missed every vertebra, didn’t hit any organs, didn’t hit my brain, didn’t swell, nothing like that. My eye did pop out, that’s weird.” Luckily, none of his vital organs got hurt. Even though his liver got pierced, it wasn’t too dangerous.

Even though Jeremy looked okay and cheerful, he mentioned that he was still in a lot of pain. He said, “I promise you I’m in a ton of pain.”

But things are getting better for him. He has a new documentary series called Rennervations, and it premiered recently. Jeremy showed up at the red carpet wearing a classic navy blue suit and dark shades, walking with the help of a cane.

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Jeremy Renner made his first red carpet appearance after his accident, and he brought his daughter Ava as his special guest. They both looked happy as they walked up the red carpet together, smiling for the cameras.

This was Jeremy’s first time on the red carpet since his accident and hospitalization on January 1, 2023.

In recent interviews, Jeremy has said that he feels lucky to be alive and that things could have been much worse for him.

We all hope Jeremy Renner continues to recover well from his accident. Feel free to share this piece with others to show how Jeremy Renner is doing so well after his accident!