Jimmy Carter Pays Respects: Former President Arrives in Wheelchair at Rosalynn’s Funeral

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Former President Jimmy Carter is going through a really tough time because his wife, Rosalynn, passed away. They were married for 77 years. Rosalynn, who spent most of her life talking about mental health, died on November 19 at 96 years old. The Carter Center said she had dementia, and her health got worse recently. She passed away only two days after being with her husband in hospice.


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“Rosalynn was like a partner in everything I did,” said former president Jimmy Carter. “She gave me smart advice and support when I needed it. As long as Rosalynn was with me, I knew someone loved and helped me.”

Rosalynn was not just Jimmy Carter’s life partner, but also his best friend. Sadly, with her passing, he lost both.

People who loved her honored Rosalynn and had a funeral for her on Wednesday in her hometown, Plains, Georgia. The service happened at Maranatha Baptist Church, where Jimmy and Rosalynn used to go. They also had earlier tributes in nearby Americus and in Atlanta.



On Tuesday, there was a special event to remember Rosalynn. Two other presidents and all the first ladies who are still alive were there, supporting the Carter family. The next day, they had a funeral in their hometown.

Jimmy Carter went to both the funeral and the service for his wife. In Atlanta, he wore a blanket with pictures of him and Rosalynn. He sat in the front row with two of his kids on each side. He was in a wheelchair and dressed in a suit and tie.



In the last days of Rosalynn’s life, Jimmy and Rosalynn stayed close. Jimmy wanted his bed next to hers so they could talk.

“My dad told her he loved her and thanked her for all the great things she did,” said James E. “Chip” Carter III, the Carters’ son. He was in the bedroom with other family members. “Then he asked us to leave so he could be alone with her. I’m sure he prayed.”




ASPEN, CO – JUNE 23: Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter speaks with President Jimmy Carter and Aspen Institute president and CEO Walter Isaacson durin

Unfortunately, by Sunday morning, Rosalynn couldn’t speak anymore. Later that day, her long and amazing life came to an end.

Rosalynn received many honors from groups like the National Organization for Women and the National Mental Health Association. She and her husband got the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999. When her husband was the president, she did a lot of important things and helped people a lot.

Rest in peace, Rosalynn.

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