Like granddaughter with grandpa! Paparazzi could capture Robert De Niro’s young wife with their newborn

“The baby’s face is now visible, along with her name!”

At the age of 80, legendary actor Robert De Niro welcomed his seventh child with his younger wife, Tiffany Chen. The couple was recently spotted enjoying a stroll together, giving a glimpse into their family life.

Robert De Niro, the 80-year-old American actor, has embraced fatherhood once again with the birth of his seventh child. His wife, Tiffany Chen, a martial arts instructor, gave birth to their daughter, named Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro, on April 6th.

De Niro expressed his joy at becoming a father again at his age, emphasizing that both he and his wife were thrilled, and the pregnancy was planned. Recently, the actor shared a heartwarming photo of himself cradling his newborn daughter in a onesie.

During interviews, when asked about his other six children, De Niro simply responded, “I just had a baby.” He later revealed that he kept the news of the birth private to protect his daughter’s privacy.

The revelation of the pregnancy surprised De Niro’s colleagues on the set of his latest film, as they were unaware of the news due to the secrecy surrounding the pregnancy.

De Niro and Tiffany first met on the set of “The Intern” and began dating in 2021. Their pregnancy became public knowledge after they were spotted together in New York.

Recently, paparazzi captured photos of the couple, along with their newborn baby, during a family outing. In the published photos, the baby’s face is clearly visible. Despite his busy schedule, De Niro prioritizes spending quality time with his growing family.