Mother’s Touching Tribute: 2-Year-Old Sings Final Song

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As a parent, your primary instinct is to protect your child from harm and keep them safe. For Magalli Jimenez, this natural impulse was put to the test when her beloved daughter, Ava Skye, fell ill at just 13 months old.

Upon noticing Ava’s discomfort, Jimenez wasted no time in seeking medical help. What followed was a devastating diagnosis: a rare muscular cancer that hindered Ava’s growth and caused her considerable pain.

Bracing herself for the battle ahead, Jimenez found solace in the oncologist’s treatment plan. She stood strong, hoping to be a source of strength as Ava underwent grueling rounds of chemotherapy.

After enduring numerous treatments and check-ups, Skye was eventually declared in remission. The family rejoiced, unaware of the heartbreak that would follow.

In July 2022, the family received the crushing news of Skye’s relapse. The cancer had proven resistant to treatment, leaving surgical removal as the only option. However, due to Skye’s tender age, the odds of recovery were slim.

This revelation shattered the family. Jimenez knew that her time with her precious daughter was now measured in days, if not weeks. She witnessed the transformation of a once-healthy toddler into a frail child struggling to walk and speak.

With a heavy heart, Jimenez made the painful decision to transition Skye into hospice care, prioritizing her comfort in her final days. Even amid her own moments of despair, Jimenez made sure to share smiles and laughter with her child.

“We will just let her live her life and enjoy her and do all the things that we’ve ever wanted to do with her. We’ve made a bucket list for her,” Jimenez said.

Davina Galvan, Jimenez’s friend and fellow mother of a child battling cancer, set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the family. Her aim was to ensure that Jimenez had the means to fulfill every item on Skye’s bucket list.

On August 22, 2022, Skye passed away in her mother’s arms. Though heartbroken, Jimenez found solace in knowing her precious baby was no longer in pain.

The day before she left this world, Skye, frail but determined, serenaded her mother with her favorite song: “I love you. You love me. We are a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss kiss. [sic] Won’t you say you love me too?”

Jimenez captured this poignant moment on video, sharing it on social media to showcase the incredible soul her daughter possessed, even in her final hours.

“My heart will forever be broken, it will never be the same, but I promised her that I would live for her. Hug your kiddos a little harder today, even when they drive you insane,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez expressed the profound void left by her daughter’s absence, longing for the chance to hold her once more.

Our hearts go out to Skye’s family as they navigate this unimaginable loss. Share this story to honor the beautiful soul that Skye was in her time with us.