Sailing Secrets: Woman Exposes Her Cruise Ship Taboos

It’s always wonderful when your partner brings some extra perks to the relationship. While their love and affection are more than enough, getting a fun discount at your favorite restaurant or a few freebies from their workplace can really add a nice touch.

Take Christine Kesteloo, for example. This American woman is truly living a charmed life. She gets to sail on a cruise ship for free, all thanks to her husband who works as the Staff Chief Engineer on board. This unique situation allows Christine to wear two hats – she’s both a guest and a crew member.

Living on a cruise ship comes with a host of advantages. Christine gets to participate in nearly every activity available to the ship’s crew and guests, with just a few exceptions. She’s actively sharing her cruise ship life on TikTok, where she talks openly about some of the restrictions she encounters in her videos.

With an impressive following of over 680,000 users on her platform, Christine prioritizes the privacy and enjoyment of both guests and crew members while on the cruise ship. She firmly believes that it would be impolite to film them during their vacation. However, she mentions that this changes if they appear in her videos off the ship.

Christine also shares that she refrains from gambling on board. She explains, “It would be a bit odd if I, as the wife of the staff chief engineer, hit a big jackpot.” She goes on to detail in her video that there are additional rules she must adhere to.

Like any regular guest, there’s one strict rule she follows—being punctual for reboarding. She emphasizes that the ship won’t wait for her, and the same goes for her husband. If they miss the ship, someone else would step into his role.

Moreover, Christine discloses that although it’s not explicitly prohibited, she chooses not to feature videos of medical evacuations or search and rescue missions out of respect for the individuals involved. Drawing from her past experience as a cruise director, Christine willingly gives up her space in guest areas, especially around the busy pool, as she believes it’s the right thing to do.

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Some of her followers expressed mixed feelings about the idea, with some wondering how she keeps herself occupied. One person commented, “No offense, but how do you keep yourself busy? I imagine it must get boring once the novelty has worn off.” Another person chimed in enthusiastically, saying, “Calling all cruise ship engineers… I’m single and ready to be a wife on board!”

Although Christine enjoys complimentary meals at various dining spots on the ship, she does have expenses for soft drinks and alcohol, albeit with a generous 50 percent discount. Additionally, she gets discounts in the onboard shops, spa areas, and for internet access. All in all, it seems like a rather desirable life, don’t you think?