Willem Dafoe, the actor, feels really happy and emotional because he’s finally getting recognized for his acting. He says, “I can’t stop smiling.”

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Willem Dafoe is a fantastic actor who has been impressing people with his talent for a very long time. Even though he hasn’t always gotten the recognition he deserves, he recently received a special honor.

Willem Dafoe was the first person to get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2024. He’s really happy about it and says, “I can’t stop smiling! This is wonderful.” It seems like this recognition means a lot to him, and he’s very excited about it.


Willem Dafoe couldn’t hide his happiness when he saw his star unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this Monday.

Getting this star has been a long time coming for Dafoe. He’s had a great career with more than 150 films, and people all over the world respect him for his acting. He’s even been nominated for an Oscar four times!

At the ceremony, his friends and fellow actors, Pedro Pascal and Patricia Arquette, were there to support him. His current co-star for ‘Poor Things,’ Mark Ruffalo, was also present! It was a special moment for Dafoe, and he had some good friends cheering him on.



“It feels great to be part of this community of artists and entertainers,” said Dafoe at the event. “These are people who, by sharing their experiences, can help us understand others’ perspectives. They tell stories about what is, was, or most importantly, what could be. They bring us closer and connect us,” the actor shared.

Pedro Pascal, a friend of Dafoe, expressed, “You can’t compare his career to anyone else’s. So, we’re lucky to have him, and I am personally grateful. Thank you, Willem.”

Dafoe’s latest film, “Poor Things,” won two Golden Globe awards on Sunday and is currently showing in theaters. This is fantastic news! The actor truly deserves all the recognition. Share this with other Willem Dafoe fans so they can celebrate his well-deserved victory too.