5-Year-Old Twins Found Deceased in New York City Apartment, Mother Hospitalized

A lot of people are very surprised and sad because 5-year-old twins were found dead in their New York City home.

The kids, a boy and a girl, were discovered by their mom on Monday, December 18. She called 911 at 11:20 in the morning, and the police came.

When the police and emergency medical services (EMS) got there, they found the twins not breathing and not responding. The EMS checked on them and sadly said the kids had passed away right there in their home.



When they looked into what happened, they found no signs that the kids were hurt on the outside, and there was no carbon monoxide in their home. The family also doesn’t have a history of hurting each other.

But, it turns out the children were not feeling well. They were sent home from school last week and didn’t go to school on Monday either.

The mom was with the kids the whole time, and when she found them not alive, it was really hard for her. She had to go to the hospital because she was so upset.

According to People, the doctors will figure out why the kids passed away. The police are still looking into the sad situation.

NYPD Assistant Chief Benjamin Gurley mentioned that they’re not sure if something bad happened. When the police arrived and saw the two kids not moving on the floor, it was really tough. He mentioned how hard it must be for the family, especially the mom and dad. The mom is in the hospital, and the dad is talking to the police to help them understand what happened.

Right now, they’re treating it like a possible crime because they want to be careful and not disturb anything. The doctors and the police will work together to find out if something went wrong.