Dolly Parton Puts the Brakes on Traveling, Opts for Quality Time with Hubby

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Dolly Parton is famous in country music and among celebrities. Even though she’s been singing for most of her life and is a legend, the 76-year-old has decided to stop touring. But don’t worry, she’s still making new music for her fans to enjoy.



In a recent talk with Pollystar, Dolly Parton explained why she’s not going on tour anymore. She said:

“Sometimes, I might do special shows now and then, like a festival or a few gigs over a long weekend. But I don’t have any plans to do a big tour anymore.”

Instead, the 76-year-old country music legend will focus on making more music and spending time with her loving husband, Carl Thomas Dean.



Back in 1964, in Nashville, Tennessee, Dolly and Carl Dean first met in front of a place called the Wishy Washy Laundromat. Dolly was 18, and Carl was 21. Right away, Carl felt there was something special about Dolly.

When they first met, Carl said, “I’m going to marry that girl,” as he later shared in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. He thought she was really beautiful, and that marked the beginning of his life. He wouldn’t trade the last 50 years with Dolly for anything in the world.

In a 1976 interview with the New York Times, Dolly remembered that Carl called out to her from his pickup truck when he saw her. Even though she initially said no to a date, a few days later, while watching her nephew, she invited Carl over. And that’s how their love story began, a story that would last forever.



Dolly and Carl got married in a private ceremony in Ringgold, Georgia, in May 1966. Even though her record company suggested they wait because of her job, Dolly and Carl didn’t want to delay. So, they decided to have the wedding in Georgia instead of Tennessee to keep it a secret. Only Dolly, Carl, and her mom were there.



Dolly and Carl have been deeply in love since they got married. They celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2016 and decided to renew their vows to mark the occasion.

Now, they want to spend more time together. Dolly explained in an interview that she used to travel a lot, but now she prefers to stay closer to home with her husband. She doesn’t want to be away for long periods because they’re getting older, and she wants to be there if something happens. She wouldn’t feel good if she had to end a tour early because someone needed her at home, and she couldn’t leave the fans behind.

Dolly also mentioned that her recent music is leaning more towards rock n’ roll, which she thinks her husband will enjoy. In fact, she got a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in May.



I thought, “Why not now?” when I found out I was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. I always thought, “One of these days, I’d like to make an album just for him,” because my husband loves hard rock ‘n’ roll.

Right now, I’m also working on a Christmas special for NBC, and I’m finishing up my new album. I want to have fun and enjoy this time. You all have been so kind to me, and I appreciate it. I’ll always remember it.