American Pickers’ Frank Fritz Faces Heartbreaking News

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Life often leads us down unexpected paths, and for Frank Fritz, a familiar face on television, this held especially true.

Here is his poignant journey…

Frank Fritz had a long-standing relationship with Diann Bankson. His challenging divorce brought about struggles with alcoholism, unemployment, and health concerns. Even though their romantic relationship has ended, the impact of their time together remains deeply etched in their lives.

At the age of 25, Frank Fritz, known as the host of “American Pickers,” first crossed paths with Diann Bankson. Their relationship evolved in phases, culminating in an engagement in 2017. The following year, they jointly purchased an Iowa farmhouse, moving in together a year later.



Their once-promising relationship took a dark turn in November of that year. Bankson alleged that she walked in on Fritz with another woman in bed.

Opening up about the betrayal, Fritz admitted that Bankson’s actions deeply hurt him. Shockingly, he even learned that she had gotten a tattoo as a constant reminder of her infidelity. Despite this, Fritz still had intentions to marry her.

“I was all set to get married, I bought a house and an expensive engagement ring,” Fritz revealed, only to discover that his fiancée had been involved with someone else for the past 2.5 years.

Fritz pointed out, “She’s the one who cheated, which is why I got a tattoo that says, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater,’ to remind myself not to make the same mistake again.” He expressed that Bankson’s actions had come at a significant financial cost to him.

In the midst of heartbreak, Fritz turned to drinking as a way to cope. He admitted that it was his method of dealing with the pain of the breakup, resulting in a significant weight loss. “I gave it my best shot,” Fritz confessed. “I tried to drown her in booze.”

Given the deep wounds from his previous relationship with Bankson, Fritz made the decision to take a break from dating while he focused on getting sober.

Additionally, Fritz faced professional setbacks following his divorce. As reported by the Sun, he would no longer be hosting “American Pickers” on the History Channel after March 2020.

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In a surprising turn, Tim Curry’s family chose to keep his stroke private. Remarkably, at 76, he continues to pursue acting.

Frank Fritz, known for his role on a popular TV show, explained his absence, citing health issues and a recent back surgery. He expressed eagerness to rejoin the program now that he’s made a full recovery. While he mentioned a showrunner reaching out with a promise of his return, no official decision has been made regarding his comeback.

Despite Fritz’s decade-long tenure on the show, TMZ reports there are currently no concrete plans for his return as a host.

Meanwhile, Fritz’s ex-partner, Diann Bankson, introduced her new partner, Eric Longlett, an engineering administration manager. She shared a post on social media, expressing gratitude for the moments they’ve shared, including a memorable Elton John concert.

On July 4, 2022, Fritz suffered a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. A friend discovered him on the floor and promptly called for help. The 911 call, in which his companion expressed uncertainty about the situation, was obtained by The US Sun.

Bill Fritz, Frank’s father, assured reporters that his son is on the path to recovery and is improving day by day.



Unfortunately, Frank Fritz’s recovery didn’t progress as expected by the doctors. After leaving the hospital, he was placed under guardianship and moved to a nursing home.

On August 18, 2022, a close friend of his sought and obtained emergency approval for temporary guardianship and conservatorship on his behalf.

This acquaintance was appointed as his guardian, and a bank was tasked with overseeing his finances as his conservator.

In this role, the bank would handle all expenses related to his care facility, including daily fees, health insurance, upkeep, and property taxes. They’d also be responsible for arranging transportation for his activities and medical appointments.

To become his guardian, his friend had to submit an initial care plan and has been actively involved in decision-making since Frank’s stroke.

As his guardian, decisions about his living situation, place of residence, health, healthcare needs, participation in activities, and communication with family and potential romantic interests would fall under their purview. Additionally, they’d need to provide an annual report.

His condition was found to be more serious than initially believed. It was determined that he couldn’t independently make important financial decisions, which could lead to injury or illness.

Until he’s capable of seeking treatment for his injuries, his guardian will make decisions on his behalf.

The court has deemed it necessary for Frank to have a guardian to safeguard his health going forward. Their decision was made to prevent him from experiencing immediate harm.

This is undeniably a deeply saddening turn of events. Our heartfelt wishes go out to Frank Fritz for his health and recovery.

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