9-year-old girl and baby brother killed in horrific Easter car crash, then parents find her note to herself

Brooklynn Newville had dreams etched onto paper, a simple bucket list penned by a nine-year-old’s hopeful hand. She longed to see a moose, leap from a cliff into a swimming hole, and experience the icy allure of an Alaskan ice bar.

Tragically, Brooklynn, along with her five-year-old brother Jace, never had the chance to chase those dreams. Their lives were cut short in a devastating car accident on an Oklahoma highway, leaving behind shattered hopes and unfulfilled aspirations.

In the aftermath of unimaginable loss, Brooklynn’s parents stumbled upon her bucket list, a poignant reminder of her innocent desires. From encountering wildlife to exploring distant landmarks, her wishes spanned the breadth of childhood imagination.

Her father, Brian Newville, still grapples with grief as he recalls his daughter’s unfulfilled yearning to hunt alongside him. Despite their heartbreak, Brooklynn’s parents vowed to honor her memory by living out her dreams, one cherished wish at a time.


The tragedy that befell Brooklynn and her family serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of distracted driving. The collision that claimed their lives was attributed to a driver’s momentary lapse in attention, a text message that forever altered the course of multiple families.

The legal aftermath brought little solace to Brooklynn’s grieving loved ones. Despite facing charges, the accused driver’s trial dragged on, prolonging the anguish of those left behind. Frustration mounts as the wheels of justice turn slowly, denying closure to those yearning for accountability.

In the wake of their loss, Brooklynn’s parents embarked on a mission to raise awareness about the perils of distracted driving. Through their campaign, “Put it Down,” they implore motorists to prioritize safety over convenience, urging all drivers to set aside distractions and focus on the road ahead.

As Brooklynn’s memory lives on through her unfinished dreams, her parents advocate for change, striving to prevent future tragedies and spare other families from enduring the same heartache.