Bruce Willis’ Family Worry About Decreased Appetite And Weight Loss. This ‘Could Be His Last Birthday’

Bruce Willis, who turned 69 on March 19, is facing a challenging battle with a deteriorating illness, prompting his family to prepare for what could potentially be their final moments together.

As Willis grapples with a diminished appetite and significant weight loss, loved ones are making the most of their time with him, recognizing that each moment could be precious and possibly his last birthday celebration.

While commemorating his 68th birthday in 2023, Bruce Willis participated in lighthearted festivities with his family, including a jovial rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

His ex-wife, Demi Moore, shared a heartfelt video on social media capturing the family’s birthday wishes to Willis. The touching scene featured his three daughters—Rumer, 35; Scout, 32; and Tallulah, 30—alongside Emma Heming Willis, 44.


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In the Instagram post, Moore expressed her joy at celebrating Willis’s birthday and emphasized her affection for him and their family. This public appearance marked Willis’s first since the disclosure of his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis.

‘Extremely anxious’

Over the past year, there have been significant developments.

The family is said to be feeling “extremely anxious” about the notable weight loss and reduced appetite of the renowned Die Hard actor due to his worsening condition.

As per insights from a source speaking to In Touch, “his hunger cues are scarce,” with his diminishing weight and appetite serving as troubling signs of deteriorating health.

Family members reportedly face the challenge of ensuring he receives adequate nourishment, adheres to regular mealtimes, and consumes foods conducive to improving his health, rather than detracting from it. This poignant scenario resonates with anyone caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The source elaborates, stating, “His ability to communicate has significantly diminished, and he struggles with recognizing familiar faces,” indicating a decline in his mental acuity.

Glenn Gordon, known for his role in The Sixth Sense, corroborates the decline, noting, “He’s experiencing difficulties with verbal communication; previously an avid reader, he no longer engages in reading.” Gordon, who endeavors to visit Willis monthly, adds, “His once-sharp linguistic abilities have regrettably faded.”


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Misleading Accounts’

Meanwhile, Emma addresses the creators of the “inaccurate narratives,” expressing feeling “triggered” by claims that “there’s no longer joy in my husband.”

Emma, a staunch advocate for the Oscar-winning actor, shared her sentiments on Instagram on March 2 regarding the “unfavorable portrayal surrounding dementia.” She asserts, “My perspective is that conflicting emotions can coexist. Mourning alongside profound love. Sorrow intertwined with deep connection. Adversity alongside resilience.”

Expanding on her stance in the video, she asserts, “I can confidently state, that portrayal is far from reality. Absolutely, there is sorrow and melancholy, that much is true. However, a new chapter begins… one filled with affection, connection, jubilation, and contentment.”

Expressing her frustration, she remarks, “I urge society and those penning these sensationalized headlines to cease instilling fear. Cease perpetuating the notion that a diagnosis of any neurocognitive ailment spells doom. It’s simply not true,” refraining from mentioning the publication responsible for the misinformation.

‘Possibly His Final Birthday’

As Bruce approaches his 69th birthday, loved ones brace themselves for an emotional farewell.

“Despite the uncertainties, everyone remains optimistic about Bruce’s prospects, hoping for a semblance of stability or, ideally, signs of improvement,” confides an insider, highlighting the family’s commitment to maximizing their time with him.

“They’ve observed that Bruce finds solace in the company of his family, so they prioritize his comfort. Regardless of the time left, their aim is to envelop him in love and joy.”

On March 19, 2024, the iconic Pulp Fiction actor will mark his 69th year. Emma, Moore, and their five daughters will join in commemorating his life.

“Those closest to Bruce are determined to treasure every fleeting moment. They are acutely aware that this could potentially be his final birthday,” the source adds, noting his daughters’ efforts to capture as many memories as possible through photos and videos.