Jennifer Garner made a decision to save her family’s history

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Jennifer Garner stands out as one of the most adored celebrities, thanks to her relatable and down-to-earth demeanor. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of heartwarming content centered around motherhood and navigating the journey of life.

Patricia English Garner, Jennifer Garner’s mother, holds a treasury of sweet memories from her childhood spent on a farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Recalling the past, Patricia fondly remembers how her parents acquired the land, a piece that has remained in their family for generations.

The land was purchased in 1936 with a bonus her father received from his service in World War I. With only $700 in hand, Patricia’s parents bought the property, which consisted of a two-room house and 20 acres, excluding 1 acre at the heart of the property housing a Native American cemetery.


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Patricia recounts the story of her parents lacking a car at the time of purchase. When they learned about the available land, they had to hire someone to transport them to the property. Negotiations over the $20 difference lasted all day, but eventually, a deal was struck, and the land became a permanent part of the family.

Jennifer’s mother vividly remembers the humble beginnings of the farm, lacking running water and indoor plumbing, yet full of cherished memories of her upbringing on that 20-acre property.

Over the years, as family members grew and moved away, the farm changed hands multiple times. In 2017, Jennifer Garner decided to reclaim the family legacy by purchasing the farm. Her vision went beyond nostalgia; she aimed to transform it into a thriving business once again.

To achieve this, she enlisted the help of her uncle Robert and aunt Janet, former owners of the farm. After four decades of neglect, the farm, once a bustling center for pecans, lettuce, radishes, and potatoes, was ready for a revival.

Jennifer revived the farm under the banner “Once Upon a Farm” in collaboration with co-founders Ari Raz, John Foraker, and Cassandra Curtis. The mission was to cultivate organic fruits and vegetables, crafting nutritious foods for children.


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The project, materialized in 2018, aimed to bring baby food back to its organic roots. Jennifer expressed her long-held dream, stating, “Once upon a time… we dreamed of bringing baby food back to the roots with organic fruits and veggies harvested from local farmers, blended with love and served fresh from the fridge.”

Ensuring busy mothers have access to nutritious food has been a priority for Jennifer Garner. Since its inception, “Once Upon a Farm” has achieved remarkable success, with its products gracing the shelves of major retailers across America and available for purchase on the company’s website.