Five girls pose for prom photo – later it causes a frenzy online due to little hidden detail

Prom is a significant event in the lives of young adults. In 2017, a group of high school girls prepared for this special occasion, dressing in their finest attire and sharing pictures online. However, one of these photos concealed an interesting and clever detail that garnered widespread attention.

High school students often try to obtain alcohol for prom, despite the legal drinking age in the United States being 21. Prom chaperones are typically on the lookout for any sign of alcohol consumption, but students can be quite resourceful. In the viral picture, a senior prom attendee appeared to be holding a clutch purse, but a closer look revealed something unexpected.

The student, Eleanor Clarke from the UK, was determined to ensure her friends had a good time at prom, even if it meant bending the rules. She brought a metallic clutch purse as an accessory to her prom outfit, and when the moment was right, she revealed its true purpose.

The clutch was no ordinary bag; it concealed an extra-large flask designed to hold alcohol. The clever disguise was both fashionable and functional.

Eleanor posted the photo on Twitter, expressing her surprise that no one had noticed her unusually large clutch. While it’s uncertain if the flask was filled with alcohol, she revealed that she had purchased the clutch for just $12 from a store called Tiger. This episode serves as a reminder that sometimes the best way to hide something is right in plain sight.