Do you remember these? Many finds mysterious tools in his grandparents’ home

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A young man recently made an unexpected discovery while going through his grandparents’ old belongings after their passing,


and he shared it with a friend. Initially, they were unsure about the identity and purpose of these metal objects until they looked up some information online.

It turns out that these metal items are nutcrackers. This particular style of nutcracker, most likely from the 1940s or 1950s,


was designed to help crack open nuts and extract the edible part from the shell. While they can be used for various types of nuts, they are particularly handy for chestnuts.

Similar sets of seafood utensils, which included tools for extracting meat from shellfish and cracking shells, often included nutcrackers like the one they found.


Additionally, there was a wooden bowl that matched the nutcrackers and was designed to resemble a chestnut, commonly found alongside them.

Many of us, along with our grandparents, used these tools at home, and they bring back fond memories.


Have you ever owned picks or nutcrackers like these? Share your favorite memories in the comments.