Gary Sinise’s wife has been diagnosed with the same illness that killed their son.

Gary Sinise is feeling very sad after his son, McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise, died at 33. Mac had been fighting cancer, but sadly, he passed away in January. This has been a really hard time for Gary and his family.

And now, to make things even worse, Gary’s wife, Moira Harris Sinise, has also been diagnosed with cancer. It’s been a tough time for them.

As we mentioned before, Gary, who is 68 years old, told everyone about Mac’s death on the Gary Sinise Foundation’s website and on his Instagram. He said that Mac lost his fight with cancer on January 5.

Gary said that Mac had been fighting a rare type of cancer called Chordoma since August 8, 2018. It was a very difficult time for the family.


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Gary, the sad father, talked about how difficult it is to lose a child. He wrote, “Losing a child is one of the hardest things for a parent. My heart goes out to anyone who has felt this pain.” He mentioned how he’s met many families who lost loved ones, and it’s always tough.

He said their family had been fighting cancer for over five years. Even though they miss Mac a lot, they’re glad he’s not suffering anymore. Mac fought really hard against a type of cancer that doesn’t have a cure.

Before Mac passed away, Gary’s wife, Moira, also had cancer. It was a tough time for the family when they found out that both Moira and Mac were sick.

Moira had to be strong, dealing with her own health problems while watching her son fight. But she’s always been strong, facing challenges throughout her life.

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In the mid-1990s, Moira had a hard time with alcoholism because she had back surgeries that caused problems. Gary, her husband, talked about how worried he was about her drinking too much in an interview with Forbes. He said it was tough trying to help her stop drinking. He went to AI-Anon Family Groups to get help and support from others who were going through similar things.

Moira went to rehab two times to get better, and she stayed sober for almost thirty years. But then, in 2018, she found out she had Stage 3 breast cancer. Even though the treatment was really tough, she got better and didn’t have cancer anymore.

While Moira was fighting cancer, their son Mac got really sick too. They tried everything to help him, but sadly, he died on January 5, 2024. It was really hard for his parents.

Gary talked about how Moira was always there for Mac, taking care of him every day. He said Mac loved his mom very much.