Every day, a squirrel taps on the house window. After eight years, the people in the house finally figure out what the squirrel is trying to tell them.

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Humans can form strong connections with animals, but we need to be careful, especially with wildlife. It’s not always easy to know how to treat wild animals, but we should never mess with their natural instincts or ability to live in the wild.

Still, there are situations when it might be right to help, especially when it’s a matter of life or death. That’s where this incredible story begins.



In 2009, Brantly Harrison and her family found a tiny, four-week-old squirrel that was almost dying after being attacked by an owl. Little did they know, this discovery would lead to a lifelong friendship with the small animal.

Brantly shared, “I picked up this cute baby today. We’ll look after her until she can go to a rehab center. I’m really happy to have a small part in this baby’s life.”

Once at home, the family took care of the squirrel by feeding her. They named her Bella. The Harrisons quickly became very close to their new little friend, according to Metro.

After Bella got better, they released her back into the wild.



I might seem a bit sleepy, but I’m so happy my girl came to visit me in the morning!

After a few years, something surprising happened. The family never thought they would see Bella again, but when they opened the door a year later, there she was.

The little squirrel had grown up, but she still remembered and appreciated the family that had saved her life.



Bella started coming to their garden every day, becoming a real part of the Harrison family.

Sweet CID, another member of the family, waits eagerly at the door every day for Bella to come visit. I’m always curious about what they’re up to.

One day, Bella came by again and knocked on their window like she had something important to say. The family found out Bella hurt her foot, so they quickly brought her inside. They gave her medicine and a cozy box to recover in.



But at that point, they realized what Bella was actually attempting to convey to them. They found three small baby squirrels inside the box as they laid Bella down; these were the three arrivals that Bella had clearly wished to present to her other family.

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