In 1977, Nurse Saved Badly Burned Baby. 38 Years Later, She Sees Her Old Photo on Facebook and Freezes

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When Amanda Scarpinati was just three months old, she accidentally rolled off the sofa, landing on a steam vaporizer and suffering severe burns. Growing up, she underwent multiple reconstructive surgeries to address the scalded skin.

Her journey led her to the Albany Medical Center, where she received care from Sue Berger, a special nurse. In 1977, Berger cradled the bandaged infant in her arms, providing comfort during moments of pain.

In a touching reunion captured in the video below, Scarpinati and Berger meet again at the very place where their paths first crossed. The emotional exchange between the two is a poignant moment that shouldn’t be missed.

Following her discharge from the hospital, Scarpinati retained only the photos taken with Berger during those tender moments. Determined to express her gratitude for the nurse’s unwavering compassion, Scarpinati embarked on a mission to locate her.

As Scarpinati navigated through her formative years, she faced bullying due to her burn injuries. The genuine kindness of Nurse Berger held immense significance for her. Posting a heartfelt note on Facebook, Scarpinati’s quest to find the caring nurse was swiftly successful, leading to the heartwarming reunion.