Maryland Cop Suspended After Viral Video

A Maryland police officer, identified as Francesco Marlett, has been suspended after a viral video showed him appearing to kiss a woman at a park near a school and then getting into the back of his police cruiser with her.

The Prince George’s County Police officer was removed from active duty shortly after the video came to the attention of authorities. His police powers have been suspended while the investigation continues.

The video, shared on social media, depicts the uniformed officer embracing a woman next to his vehicle while children play soccer in a nearby field. The woman then leads him to the backseat of the car, and they enter it together.

The couple remained inside the vehicle for approximately 40 minutes before exiting and leaving separately, according to the man who filmed the video and shared it on a relative’s TikTok account, as reported by The Baltimore Banner.

The man, identified as Nelson O, expressed concern about the situation, particularly because there were children present. He decided to record the officer because the officer appeared suspicious before the woman arrived.

This is the second suspension for Marlett, as local reports indicate. In 2016, he faced charges of child abuse for allegedly knocking his girlfriend’s 3-year-old child unconscious after the child soiled the bed. Charges from that incident were later dropped, and his record was expunged. Additionally, Marlett was suspended for a month in May following allegations of domestic violence.