Is Priscilla Presley Dating at 78? The Truth about Her Being ‘In Love’ with ‘Dallas’ Actor

Amid swirling rumors about Priscilla Presley’s personal affairs, she put them to rest during a Q&A session. Despite the speculation, Presley clarified that while she holds fondness for her former co-star Patrick Duffy, any romantic notions between them are baseless. Duffy himself is involved in a committed relationship, which blossomed during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since flourished.

At 78 years old, Priscilla Presley’s private life continues to captivate both fans and the media. Recent whispers suggested a romantic connection with Patrick Duffy, her co-star from the beloved series “Dallas,” which aired from 1978 to 1991.

Presley seized the opportunity during a Q&A session at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket to set the record straight about her relationship status and her sentiments toward Duffy, who is 75.

Speculation about a potential romance between Presley and Duffy gained momentum following a “Dallas” cast reunion at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center on March 1, where both stars were in attendance.

However, Presley swiftly dispelled these rumors, expressing her disbelief and amusement at the notion of her dating Duffy. She emphasized that the gathering was simply a heartwarming reunion among old friends, devoid of any romantic undertones.

Presley took to social media the following day to thank the fans who attended the event, emphasizing their warmth and support. Additionally, a video surfaced showing Presley interacting with fans after the Q&A, further reinforcing her stance on the matter and putting an end to any speculation about her romantic life.

Conversely, Duffy’s reflections on collaborating with Presley exuded warmth and nostalgia. He described the experience as “amazing,” recalling his initial disbelief and the rapid bond they formed on set. Their first scene together, a reunion on the dance floor, epitomized their on-screen chemistry and mutual admiration.

In response to common inquiries about Duffy’s allure, Presley affirmed that he was indeed as charming in person as he appeared on screen, emphasizing their genuine admiration for each other.

Despite the speculations, Duffy’s heart belongs to Purl, with whom he found love during the pandemic—a modern romance enriched by technology and shared experiences.

Duffy and Purl’s relationship evolved from a shared texting group into a profound connection. Their journey from acquaintances to a loving couple underscores a tale of rediscovery and fresh beginnings. Their joint venture, Duffy’s Dough, symbolizes not only a business endeavor but also a testament to their partnership and shared journey.

Meanwhile, Presley openly discussed her choice not to remarry following her marriage to Elvis Presley. During a Q&A event, she reflected on her life after Elvis, expressing profound loyalty and love for the late rock icon.

Her decision, shaped by her unique bond with Elvis, reflects her reverence for their shared history and her contentment with her current circumstances.

Presley revealed that after her divorce from Elvis, she pledged not to enter another relationship while he was alive, believing he wouldn’t handle it well. Even after his passing, she upheld this vow for decades. “To be honest with you, I never wanted to marry after him. I never had any desire,” she admitted. “No one could ever match him.”