Janelle & Kody Brown’s Son Welcomed a New Addition to the Family before Passing Away at 25 — His Final Post

The passing of Robert Garrison Brown, a beloved member of the Brown family featured on the popular TV series “Sister Wives,” has deeply saddened his family, friends, and fans nationwide. Just days before his untimely death, Brown shared his final post on Instagram. Robert was the son of Kody Brown and Janelle Brown.

In a touching online moment, he introduced his followers to a new family member, a nine-year-old cat named Ms. Buttons, whom he had rescued from euthanasia. The post included a tender photo of Brown holding Ms. Buttons and another image of three cats, including Ms. Buttons, happily gathered on the floor.

His caption humorously acknowledged his “savior complex,” highlighting his compassionate nature. Robert had adopted his other two cats in January and December 2022, respectively.

Sadly, this act of kindness would be among Brown’s last moments shared with the world. On March 5, at the age of 25, Brown died by suicide, a devastating event confirmed by the Flagstaff Police Department.

Officers responded to his home in Flagstaff, AZ, following a report of a death and found him deceased from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His brother Gabriel discovered him.

News of Brown’s death prompted an outpouring of grief and support from the online community. His Instagram became a place of remembrance where fans offered condolences and expressed their sorrow.

Comments such as “RIP Garrison, you had such a beautiful soul,” “25 years is too young! You had so much left to live for,” and “Thank you for saving this kitty before you left. Heaven just gained an Angel,” reflect the profound impact of his loss.

One fan noted they had sensed his pain through the family’s TV show and wished they could have provided extra support. Others inquired about the cat rescue organization he worked with to offer their support.

Janelle Brown, Robert’s mother, publicly addressed her son’s passing on social media, sharing a heartfelt message accompanied by a photo of him. She expressed deep sadness and requested privacy to honor his memory.

Robert’s journey on “Sister Wives” depicted a family navigating the complexities of a polygamous lifestyle, with Kody Brown’s multiple wives and a large, blended family. Robert, the fourth child of Kody and Janelle, appeared on the show since its debut in 2010.

His life transitioned from Utah to Las Vegas and eventually to Arizona, where he pursued independence, showed interest in the armed services, and shared his life and pets on social media.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, the Brown family, along with their viewers and followers, mourns the loss of a young man known for his spirit, compassion, and meaningful impact on the world. Robert is survived by a loving family and many who considered him a friend and inspiration.

Lieutenant Charles M. Hernandez II from the Flagstaff Police Department revealed that Robert’s younger brother, Gabriel, aged 22, made the heartbreaking discovery. Initial investigations indicate a self-inflicted gunshot wound, with no evidence of foul play.

As the Flagstaff PD continues their thorough investigation, the absence of any signs of foul play leads them to treat this as an apparent suicide.

Robert’s journey on “Sister Wives” began in 2010 when the series first aired. Viewers were introduced to the polygamous family led by Robert’s father, Kody Brown, who was married to multiple wives, including Robert’s mother, Janelle Brown.

The show not only depicted Kody’s relationships but also showcased the upbringing and lives of the Brown children, with Robert becoming a familiar and beloved presence.

Recent years brought changes to the Brown family, including the divorce of Janelle and Kody the previous year. Despite these changes, the bond between the children remained strong amidst adversity. They often shared moments with each other on social media, and Robert was no exception.

As Robert transitioned into adulthood, he expressed a commendable interest in serving his country.

Initially considering joining the Army, he ultimately found his calling in the National Guard, demonstrating his character and desire to contribute to a greater cause.

TLC, the network that aired the series chronicling Robert’s upbringing and his family’s unique lifestyle, released a statement expressing their devastation at the news of his passing.

They extended their deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the Brown family during this profoundly difficult time.

Janelle shared poignant photos of her son on Instagram during his service, her words reflecting a mother’s love and a tribute to a life cut short tragically. Her caption read, “Kody and I are deeply saddened to announce the loss of our beautiful boy Robert Garrison Brown.”

She described him as a bright spot in their lives and asked for privacy to honor his memory.

In a solemn acknowledgment of their loss, Robert’s family chose to communicate the news through his Instagram platform. Their statement read, “Our beloved brother/son Robert (aka Garrison) passed late last night. We appreciate the love and support from all those who have given it,” concluding with a request for privacy during their time of profound grief.