Jennifer Grey reveals the regrets she has about Patrick Swayze

‘Dirty Dancing’ will likely always be hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time, remaining beloved by fans worldwide even decades after its release.

The late Patrick Swayze soared to new heights of fame with his iconic role in the film, while his co-star Jennifer Grey continues to honor the legacy he left behind.

Jennifer Grey’s name is synonymous with her portrayal of “Baby” in the 1987 romantic drama ‘Dirty Dancing,’ earning her legions of fans and admirers worldwide.

The film unfolds at a vacation resort where Frances “Baby” and her family are staying, showcasing the blossoming romance between a rebellious dance instructor portrayed by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s character, ‘Baby.’

Despite the fervent hopes of thousands of fans for a sequel, Grey has made it clear that a sequel may never come to fruition. She expressed her dedication to honoring Patrick’s legacy and the fans’ connection to the original film, emphasizing the importance of getting it right.

In later interviews, Grey shared insights into the filming experience, revealing that while she and Swayze lacked on-screen chemistry, their bodies “really liked each other.”

In April 2022, Lionsgate announced at Cinemacon that a ‘Dirty Dancing’ sequel was in development, sparking excitement among fans.

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Grey provided further details about the upcoming sequel, promising a blend of sex, music, and, of course, dancing.

Grey insisted that the sequel must meet her standards of perfection, and confirmed the return of some original cast members, noting that “Baby” is now much older and that the film will introduce new characters from the original.

She emphasized that there will be no attempt to replace Patrick Swayze’s character, Johnny Castle, stating that his portrayal was unique and irreplaceable.

Patrick Swayze passed away in 2009 at the age of 57 after battling pancreatic cancer for 20 months. Despite their differences, Grey expressed regret over not fully appreciating Swayze during their time together, honoring his memory in her autobiography.

Grey’s unwavering dedication to preserving Swayze’s memory and her commitment to her future projects are met with love and support from fans worldwide.