Jimmy Carter’s doctor concerned after Rosalynn’s passing – “such a big loss for him”

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The family doctor of former President Jimmy Carter, Dr. Michael Raines, has expressed profound concern about the passing of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, stating that it constitutes a “significant loss” for the former president.

Dr. Raines, who has been actively involved in Jimmy’s healthcare, now emphasizes that the well-being of the oldest living president is the primary focus.

Jimmy, grappling with various health challenges, has faced significant health scares, including a cancer diagnosis in 2015 and serious falls in 2019 that necessitated surgeries.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Raines emphasizes that the loss of Rosalynn, his wife of 77 years, will be the most substantial challenge for Jimmy.

“I’m sure he’ll try to work through this, but it’s such a significant loss for him,” he stated, per WALB.

The doctor further elaborates on his concerns about Jimmy’s outlook on life during his time in hospice care without Rosalynn. Dr. Raines acknowledges the strong dependency the couple had on each other, not just in love but in their relationship and friendship.

“Sometimes people that had been married for a long period of time, and they have a very strong dependency on each other, not only in love but in relationship and friendship when one of them passes away it’s not long until the other one goes,” he admitted.

Dr. Raines, the decision-maker for Jimmy Carter’s entry into hospice care in February, explains that hospice care for dementia patients can lead to a rapid acceleration of decline, as witnessed in Rosalynn’s case. He reveals that he did not anticipate her passing so soon after being diagnosed with the disease six months ago.

The physician speaks about the Carters’ unwavering dedication to each other, describing them as “devoted” and consistently concerned about one another. Despite their health issues, the couple managed public appearances, with their latest at the Plains Peanut Festival in September.

Amidst the loss, Dr. Raines underscores the Carters’ ongoing commitment to advocating for rural healthcare in Plains, Georgia. He mentions the closure of the Mercer Medicine Clinic in 2018 and how the Carters, with the support of Mercer University, successfully lobbied for its reopening. The clinic now caters to residents not only in Plains but also from surrounding cities, addressing the healthcare gap in areas where local hospitals have shut down.

Dr. Raines highlights Rosalynn Carter’s impact on rural healthcare, stating that she has left an enduring legacy felt for generations to come.

While there is profound sadness surrounding her passing, Dr. Raines notes that the Carters’ down-to-earth nature, their love for Plains, and their humanitarian work have had a positive influence on the region.