Kate Middleton hid her “planned” abdominal surgery from loved ones, royal source says

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Kate Middleton continues her recovery at The London Clinic after undergoing abdominal surgery. The Princess of Wales, residing at the luxurious private hospital, will soon return to Windsor, with plans to resume royal duties after Easter, according to Kensington Palace.

While official updates on Kate’s condition are yet to be released, a royal source reveals that she is doing well.

The news of Kate’s surgery was unexpected, and a recent report suggests that she kept it a secret from some close to her.

Despite the extended stay at The London Clinic, Kate Middleton is expected to reduce her public engagements during recovery. Prince William, supporting his wife and caring for their three children, has taken on additional responsibilities, including dropping off and picking up the kids from school.

The exact duration of Kate’s stay remains uncertain. Kensington Palace initially stated that she would stay for nine to 14 days. Royal expert Angela Levin expresses concern about the extended stay, finding it unusual, particularly for the Princess of Wales.

While there is some worry about Kate’s prolonged hospitalization, a royal source tells People Magazine that she is doing great. The source emphasizes that Kate is in excellent hands, receiving ample care and support at home. The decision to take the necessary time for recovery is viewed as sensible and sets an example for others.

The impact of Kate Middleton’s surgery on the royal family’s future engagements remains uncertain. The ongoing reduction in working royals might pose challenges in fulfilling planned engagements. Prince William and Kate were expected to take on additional responsibilities, supporting King Charles and Queen Camilla, but adjustments may be necessary depending on the recovery period.

There is speculation about Kate receiving a significant honor from King Charles, potentially appointing her as a Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter. The king is rumored to appreciate Kate’s contributions and may publicly acknowledge her efforts.

Kate Middleton, initially labeled as “lazy” by the media, has evolved into a dedicated royal figure. Despite early criticism, she has undertaken numerous duties and developed her own charitable causes. Kate’s work ethic and resilience are highlighted as she reportedly continues to engage in royal work from her hospital bed, dispelling notions of laziness.

While Kate won’t return to work before Easter, reports suggest she remains active in royal duties from the hospital. Royal expert Kinsey Schofield praises Kate’s impeccable behavior over the years and emphasizes her dedication to contributing to causes she is passionate about.

The news of Kate’s surgery coincided with King Charles’s announcement of treatment for an enlarged prostate. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly sent get-well messages to both Kate Middleton and King Charles amid their health challenges. Despite ongoing tensions, the couple expressed concern and best wishes to the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Surprisingly, Kate Middleton managed to keep her planned surgery hidden from some close to the royal family. The news caught those working closely with the royals and even some relatives and friends by surprise. Kate’s hospitalization was carefully guarded, revealing a side of the situation that was unknown to many within William and Kate’s broader circle.