Kate Middleton’s mother “very worried” over her daughter’s health – she ‘clucked around like a mother hen,’ expert says

Throughout her life, Kate Middleton has been surrounded by a supportive network, particularly her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton. Despite facing bullying in her youth, her parents, unwavering in their belief in her potential, remained by her side. Even as a royal, the Middletons, especially Carole, maintain a close relationship with Kate and William, actively caring for and spending time with their grandchildren: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Carole and Michael play an active role in organizing enjoyable activities for their grandchildren, stepping up to assist as Kate recovers from surgery and William takes on additional responsibilities at home.

Concerns about Kate’s health and the potential impact of the surgery on her future have weighed on family members. According to a royal expert, Carole, Kate’s mother, expressed worry about the surgery and took surprising actions in response.

Kate Middleton’s life has seen its share of challenges and successes. Growing up in a happy home with her parents and siblings, Carole and Michael Middleton, she experienced a family “gold rush” during her youth.

Kate, born on January 9, 1982, enjoyed a happy childhood with her parents, Carole and Michael, along with siblings Pippa and James. The family founded Party Piece on Kate’s fifth birthday, identifying a market gap for elegant tablescapes.

Carole and Michael initiated the company in 1987, sparked by Carole’s frustration with finding only clown-themed paper plates for Kate’s birthday. Carole expressed her excitement about the business idea, realizing it addressed a demand for affordable and imaginative partyware.

Party Pieces became a family endeavor, with Pippa contributing to the “Party Times” blog, James handling cakes, and even Kate developing the first birthday and baby category.

The family’s enthusiasm outweighed their initial inexperience, leading to the company’s success during Kate’s teenage years. The financial success allowed Carole and Michael to send Kate to the prestigious all-girls boarding school Downe House, costing around £28,000 in tuition. However, Kate faced bullying at the school, resulting in a challenging time marked by a thin and pale appearance, as recalled by a former classmate.

As Kate transitioned into royalty, Carole Middleton grappled with the fear of “losing” her daughter to the demands of royal life.

Eventually, in 1996, Kate Middleton departed and joined another school, Marlborough College. From there, she proceeded to St Andrews University, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Carole and Michael have consistently been pillars of support for their daughter. When Kate met William, while they weren’t displeased, there was an initial fear of losing their daughter.

Carole Middleton once confessed her fear of “losing” Kate to the overpowering influence of the royal family. Though unspoken, this worry lingered.

Despite a promising start for Kate Middleton and Prince William, another episode of bullying unfolded, this time from William’s friends, who subjected her to cruel nicknames.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Kate’s mother worked as an air hostess for British Airways. When William and Kate frequented nightclubs, his friends taunted Kate with disrespectful nicknames, subtly referencing her mother’s profession.

William’s aristocratic friends, dubbed the “Glosse Posse,” treated Kate condescendingly. Despite derogatory comments, Kate demonstrated extraordinary strength and resilience, choosing to ignore the insults.

In 2021, when William’s friends mocked Kate, the prince vehemently opposed such behavior, flying off the handle in defense of his girlfriend. He made it clear that he wouldn’t tolerate disrespect towards Kate or her family.

The derogatory nickname “doors to manual” stemmed from Carole Middleton’s former job as an air hostess.

While William’s friends dubbed Kate Middleton “doors to manual,” the mockery extended further. Certain aristocrats labeled her family “the en masse Middletons” due to their pristine Land Rover and upper-class picnic at social events.

Carole and Michael Middleton, deeply involved in their grandchildren’s lives, have recently taken on more responsibilities due to Kate’s abdominal surgery. The surgery, kept relatively private, sparked worry, especially from Carole, who, as per former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond, clucked around like a concerned mother hen.

In 2018, during her birthday interview with The Telegraph, Carole expressed her “biggest fear” of losing a family member as her offspring grew up.

“My biggest fear [as my children grew up] was that I’d lose my family, but we’ve stayed close,” she shared. Despite occasional challenges, Carole emphasized her commitment to maintaining family closeness.

On the other hand, Kate’s friends have rallied to support her during her recovery.

“I’m sure these longtime friends know exactly how to uplift Kate’s spirits after such significant surgery,” noted Bond.

“They have likely pampered her with exquisite gifts of luxurious spa products and hampers filled with delightful treats to tantalize her taste buds. Familiar with her preferences for TV shows or reading material, they might be sending recommendations and encouraging her to rest and take the necessary time for herself.”

Additionally, Carole and Michael Middleton play a vital role in caring for George, Charlotte, and Louis while Kate recuperates at home.

“Her parents remain a constant presence in the lives of their grandchildren,” disclosed a source to People Magazine. “They will provide comforting support as she returns to Windsor for her recovery.”