I found receipts from hotels in my husband’s car, which showed me something painful. But then, karma punished him really hard for it.

Look at this! It’s a picture of my husband and his girlfriend. I can’t help but laugh now that karma has caught up with him. We’ve been together forever and have two kids. Lately, he’s been going on “business trips” way too often. Then I found receipts in his car for the same hotel in our town. Just recently, he rushed home saying he had to leave urgently. I played along but decided to follow him. And guess what? Caught him red-handed at the hotel with this other woman. I was torn apart inside, shaking with anger. Their faces when I showed up were priceless! But you won’t believe what happened a few days later when I found out what HIS GIRLFRIEND did!

Derek is a great husband and dad. He’s always been there for his family and worked hard to give them a good life. Sometimes, he had to travel for work, but his wife understood and looked after the kids while he was gone.

One day, while Derek’s wife was cleaning his car—something Derek usually did himself—she found some papers and documents. Among them was a hotel receipt from when Derek said he was on a business trip with colleagues. But the receipt was from a hotel in their hometown, which seemed odd.

His wife thought there must be a good reason for it, but she didn’t want to ask Derek about it right away. Still, she decided to look into it more closely.


Determined to figure out what was going on, Derek’s wife started paying close attention to his movements. She collected every receipt she could find, even ones left in his pockets or car. Most were normal, but occasionally she found hotel receipts that worried her.

One day, when Derek said he was going on another business trip, she decided to follow him. She was devastated when she saw him stop at a hotel and meet a young woman. They kissed and laughed together.

Filled with adrenaline, she confronted them. They looked shocked and guilty. Derek tried to explain, but she didn’t want to hear it.

Later, she found out that Derek and the woman had been seeing each other for a while. But she was actually a scammer. She tricked Derek into opening a joint bank account, then took all the money and disappeared.

Once their affair was exposed, the woman took Derek’s money and vanished.


He was stunned. He realized he had been tricked, just like he had tricked his wife. After they broke up, Derek’s wife started thinking about their whole relationship. Their home didn’t feel the same anymore. There was a big gap because of Derek’s actions, affecting their marriage and their money. The prenuptial agreement, which didn’t seem important before, now seemed crucial to protect what was left for their kids’ future.

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