Kurt Russell Turns 73 — Kate Hudson Shares Touching Tribute to ‘Devoted’ Stepdad Who Raised Her

In a touching display of familial affection transcending biological ties, Kate Hudson recently commemorated her stepfather Kurt Russell’s 73rd birthday with a heartfelt tribute. Fondly referred to as “Pa,” Kurt holds a special place in Kate’s heart, evident in the nostalgic throwback photo she shared on social media. The image captured a tender moment from her childhood, showcasing their beaming smiles and underscoring the depth of their bond.

Expressing her love and gratitude in vibrant capital letters, Kate’s message radiated warmth as she declared, “LOVE YOU PA! ST PATRICKS DAY IS ALWAYS THE BEST BECAUSE WE GET TO CELEBRATE YOU. Happy birthday Pa! We love you.” This heartfelt tribute is just one of many instances where Kate has publicly honored Kurt, highlighting his profound influence on her life and that of her siblings.

In previous tributes, including a family photo shared on Kurt’s birthday in 2021, Kate portrayed him as a pillar of strength, humor, and unwavering support. She reflected on how Kurt’s presence has shaped their lives, instilling confidence and courage in her journey. Kate’s Father’s Day posts further underscored Kurt’s pivotal role as a fun-loving, devoted father figure.

Additionally, insights from a January 2024 interview with Kate and her brother Oliver shed light on Kurt’s multifaceted personality. Described as “interesting,” Kurt emerges as a man of depth and intrigue, enriched by captivating life experiences. Despite his notable encounters with infamous figures, Kate and Oliver affectionately referred to him as their “dad,” emphasizing the cherished bond they share with him.

Apart from the glowing testimonials from his beloved adult children, Kurt himself provided insights into the proud and affectionate father behind the Hollywood persona.

In a 2016 interview, while discussing his bond with Kate, he warmly reminisced, “There are those red letter days, and for Kate, many of those red letter days were plays that she did at school or a song she would sing […] when she was doing plays in the school and stuff, Goldie and I would look at her and go, ‘Well yeah, we know what she’s gonna do. There’s no question about that.’ […] You’re always proud of your kids.”

He also shared a charming anecdote about Kate as a young girl, recalling how she would energetically jump on and off her bed for hours while singing Van Halen’s “Jump.”

Kate and Kurt’s relationship transcends the typical stepfather-stepdaughter dynamic. Through years of shared memories, public tributes, and personal anecdotes, the pair epitomize a familial love deeply rooted in respect, admiration, and an unbreakable bond.

In another heartwarming instance, Kate shared a delightful post online featuring Kurt, coinciding with an exciting announcement from his son Wyatt.

Kurt Russell and his stepdaughter, Kate Hudson, have long enjoyed a close relationship, often expressing mutual admiration on social media. This Thanksgiving was no exception, as Hudson posted a touching video of their family celebrating the holiday.

In the video, Hudson and Russell are seen cuddling up for a photo, both sporting radiant smiles. Fans expressed delight at the heartwarming moment, with many commenting on Russell’s adorable demeanor and the evident love within the family.

Commenters praised the family’s bond and expressed joy at witnessing Hudson with her parents during the celebration, describing the scene as beautiful and heartening.

Shortly after Wyatt Russell, Russell’s son, announced that he and his wife were expecting their second child, Russell became a grandfather for the eighth time. The couple has yet to disclose the baby’s due date.

In a joint interview, Russell and his son discussed the impending arrival of the new baby. Russell’s son confirmed that his son would have a baby brother and expressed his excitement about expanding their family further.

Russell affectionately described his grandson, Buddy, as “spectacular” and expressed his joy in being a grandparent. Russell’s son then shared anecdotes about the differences in Russell’s approach to grandparenting compared to his parenting style, clarifying, “He doesn’t have to parent the child; that’s my job.”

He further praised Russell’s skills as a grandfather while noting some unique gestures Russell made for his grandson that he didn’t experience growing up.

Russell also opened up about his enduring relationship with Goldie Hawn, his longtime partner of 34 years. Despite never marrying, the couple emphasized that marriage wasn’t necessary to strengthen their bond.

When asked about the secret to their lasting relationship, Hawn attributed it to love, gratitude, compassion, and the ability to find humor in each other’s quirks. She emphasized the importance of family, fun, and laughter, suggesting that these elements are key to sustaining a partnership.

Hawn and Russell have frequently expressed their admiration and affection for each other in public, highlighting the support and love they’ve shared throughout their decades-long relationship.