Where is that chubby girl? What John Travolta’s daughter looks like today.

Frequently, the offspring of famous personalities opt to follow in their parents’ footsteps, yet sometimes they carve out their own distinct path. Ella Blue Travolta, the 22-year-old daughter of the renowned American actor, falls into the former category as she actively pursues a career in acting.

Showing promising progress, Ella is steadily establishing herself as an independent star. It’s astonishing how swiftly Ella has transitioned from her childhood years, which fans fondly reminisced about through her father’s social media posts, to her current status, gracing various events. Undoubtedly, she is poised to captivate the spotlight.

Appearance of 22-year-old Ella Blue Travolta Recently, Ella made a striking appearance at a Neiman Marcus brand event, boldly asserting herself and perpetually piquing public interest with her social engagements. Previously compared to her father, Ella’s appearance has evolved significantly. Do you still discern John Travolta’s features in Ella’s visage?

At the age of 22, Ella has cultivated an elegant style, as evidenced by her attire at the party—a sleek black dress accentuated by a Dior belt, highlighting her slender figure.

Adding an intriguing touch to her ensemble, she draped a knitted cardigan with buttons over her shoulders, creating the illusion of a cape. However, it’s merely a clever styling choice.

Achievements in Cinema Undoubtedly, John Travolta provided invaluable assistance to his daughter as she embarked on her cinematic journey. Three years ago, Ella made her debut in the film “The Poison Rose,” an American-Italian thriller featuring a star-studded cast including her father, Morgan Freeman, Kat Graham, Brendan Fraser, and other luminaries. A promising start, wouldn’t you agree?

However, Ella is determined to forge her own path in the acting realm, seeking opportunities beyond her father’s influence. Soon, she will grace the screen in a new film—an unconventional adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland” set in Europe.

Portraying Alice, Ella Travolta will encounter the eccentric Mad Hatter William, embarking on nocturnal adventures in Budapest. Additionally, Russian model and actress Sasha Luss will feature in the film, with her character drawing inspiration from the iconic Red Queen.

While much attention is understandably focused on Ella’s father, it’s important to recognize that her mother, actress Kelly Preston, would also have been immensely proud of her daughter. Unfortunately, Kelly passed away in 2020 after battling cancer, missing out on witnessing Ella’s promising start in the film industry.

Now, John Travolta must navigate the role of a single father without his beloved wife by his side. Nevertheless, we are confident that Ella will continue to make her mark even more prominently in the future. With her potential, she has every opportunity to not only achieve fame as an actress but also to win hearts along the way.