Life After Separation: The Siamese Twins’ Journey Since 2017

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In 2017, something incredible happened to Abby and Erin Delaney. They had a special surgery to separate them, which got a lot of people interested.

Abby and Erin’s mom and dad, Riley and Heather, decided on this tough surgery so the girls could have their own lives and be independent.


Heather, the mom, was really brave even though she didn’t expect to have twins who were joined together.



Abby and Erin were only 11 months old when they had their surgery. The doctors said there might be some challenges after the operation.



Heather and Riley held on to hope, prepared for anything that might happen. Erin, who had a tougher time during the surgery, fought hard to make it through. Even though Erin and Abby may be a bit different from their friends, they still enjoy their childhood and have lots of love in their hearts.



The twins had some challenges when they first started living apart, but one big achievement is that they can now give each other hugs.



Heather, the mom, is very happy to see her girls share this special and touching moment.