A mother of two children was shot and killed during a Super Bowl parade. It’s a very sad situation.

Last weekend’s Super Bowl brought joy to football fans, but sadly, it ended tragically for some families in Kansas City.

The Chiefs played a thrilling game against the San Francisco 49ers and won. Many famous people like Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and Reba McEntire were there to watch.

People in Kansas City were happy and had a parade to celebrate. But then something terrible happened: a shooting. A woman died, and at least 20 others, mostly children, got hurt.

During the parade for the Kansas City Chiefs, something very sad happened. A beloved local DJ named Lisa Lopez-Galvan, who was a mom of two and loved football, was killed. It made the whole community very sad.

Law enforcement and medical personnel respond to a shooting at Union Station during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII victory parade on February 14 in Kansas City, Missouri. Credit: David Eulitt / Getty.

According to Sky News, Lopez-Galvan was shot in her belly at the end of the Chiefs’ parade. Even though doctors tried to help her with surgery, she sadly passed away. Her death left a big hole in her close-knit community.

Lopez-Galvan was well-known for her lively personality and love for music. She worked as a DJ on KKFI 90.1 FM, where she hosted a popular show called ‘A Taste of Tejano’. Her sudden death made many people at the station very sad, and they talked about how much she meant to the community.

KKFI 90.1 FM wrote on Facebook: “We’re very sad to say that Lisa Lopez, host of ‘Taste of Tejano,’ lost her life in the shooting at the KC Chiefs’ rally.”

Mayor Quinton Lucas from Kansas City shared his sadness about what happened. He said it was awful that violence happened during what should have been a happy time for the town.

The police are still looking into what caused the shooting. CNN said that two people are being held by the police for questioning. It seems like the shooting might have started because some people were arguing.

The shooting sent 30 people to four hospitals. Nineteen of them had been shot. Eleven of the patients were kids between six and fifteen years old, and sadly, nine of them had gunshot wounds.

A person is loaded onto an ambulance following the shooting. Credit: David Eulitt / Getty.

People are feeling very sad about what happened to Lopez-Galvan. They’re using social media to share their sadness and remember her. Many are shocked and upset because her death was unexpected. They’re leaving messages to show how much they’ll miss her vibrant presence in the community.

In her last Facebook post, Lopez-Galvan told people to listen to her radio show. She said, “Don’t forget to tune in tonight to A Taste of Tejano from 8pm to 10pm! Let us know if you have a birthday, anniversary, or special announcement!”

Even though people are sad about losing Lopez-Galvan, they’re also remembering the good times they had with her. They’re thinking about how she made a difference in their lives.

We’re thinking about her family, friends, and coworkers during this very sad time.