Lizzo Seemingly Quits Hollywood Over “Lies” Told About Her

Lizzo has seemingly made a significant announcement regarding her departure from the entertainment industry, citing ongoing challenges and negativity as key reasons.

In an emotional statement shared on social media, the “Good as Hell” singer, also known as Melissa Viviane Jefferson, expressed her exhaustion with constantly facing criticism and being dragged online. She emphasized her desire to focus on making music, spreading happiness, and contributing positively to the world.

The 35-year-old highlighted the hurtful online criticism she has endured, particularly regarding her appearance, and denounced the spread of lies for the sake of attention and views. Feeling disrespected and misrepresented, Lizzo declared her decision to quit, stating that she did not sign up for such treatment.

Lizzo has maintained a lower profile since facing legal action from former dancers accusing her of fostering an abusive work environment and body shaming. In response, she defended her work ethic and character, dismissing the accusations as sensationalized stories.

Despite these challenges, Lizzo revealed her ongoing creative endeavors, including new music releases and developments in her fashion brand, Yitty. Expressing excitement about sharing her work with fans, she expressed her anticipation for returning to a more normal life and reconnecting with people.

While asking for patience from her supporters during this transition, Lizzo acknowledged those who have unfollowed her, recognizing their stance.