Meghan Markle Makes Bold Statement with New Alias in Freshly Launched Website

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On the newly launched website by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess, who stayed in the United States while her husband rushed to his father, King Charles’ side, appears to have adopted a specific practice common among British Royals.

Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unveiled their new website, making the transition from the Sussex Royal URL handle to simply Sussex.

Despite stepping back from official royal duties, they continue to use their titles, Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The website features a section aimed at providing the public with more insight into their lives and work.

Notably, Meghan’s page introduces her using only her first name, omitting her family name. This choice aligns with a common practice among British Royals, who are frequently referred to by their first names and titles.

Meghan’s narrative on the site delves into her upbringing, portraying her journey from a young girl in Southern California to the influential figure she is today. The page also showcases her advocacies for women, mental health, gender equality, and family care.

The website emphasizes Meghan’s impact and recognition through her inclusion in various world rankings, positioning her as a notable figure on the global stage.

Now residing in California as a mother of two, Meghan and Harry have embarked on a new chapter away from their roles as senior members of the British Royal Family. Their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, are a significant part of their lives in America, symbolizing their continued connection to Harry’s heritage.

Following their move, the couple launched the Archewell Foundation and introduced the podcast “Archetypes,” initiatives that underscore their ongoing commitment to public service and discourse.

While Meghan’s details are available on the Royal Family’s official website, it provides limited information about her advocacies and activities. It mentions that she and her husband have stepped back as senior members, stating, “The Duchess will continue to support various charitable causes and organizations that align with her longstanding interests, including the arts, education access, women’s support, and animal welfare.”

Regarding King Charles’ recent cancer diagnosis, Prince Harry returned to London to be by his father’s side. However, Meghan Markle chose to stay in America during this period.

As reported on February 13:

Since stepping back from royal duties and relocating to America, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s actions related to the monarchy have faced scrutiny. The recent launch of their website has drawn attention for retaining their royal titles on the landing page.

This move sparked debates on Twitter, with some users questioning the necessity of these titles for the couple’s work and others calling for their removal, emphasizing their disconnection from the monarchy.

Upon entering their new website, users are greeted with the line “THE OFFICE OF PRINCE HARRY & MEGHAN THE DUKE & DUCHESS OF SUSSEX.” Frustrated social media users expressed their sentiments on Twitter.

“Question for the #SussexSquad weren’t y’all insisting that Harry & Meghan DO NOT NEED royal titles yet launched a website with exactly that?? #PATHETIC The Office of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex,” read one tweet.

“They hold no official offices, they are not connected to the monarchy or the royal family with their work in any way,” pointed out another Twitter user.

“They need their titles removed from them,” protested a third, highlighting how Prince Harry and Meghan are profiting through the royal titles without honoring the royal family.

A fourth person questioned the legality of those who have left their royal duties still holding the same title. “They have gotten away with too much already,” the tweet stated.

The new website features information about the couple, recent news, and links to their Archwell Foundation and Archwell Productions websites, differing from their former website’s focus on supporting the community, serving the Monarchy, and strengthening the Commonwealth.

Most recently, Prince Harry flew to London after his father’s cancer diagnosis was revealed publicly, while his wife stayed home in California to take care of their two children.