Motorcycle riders come across an empty enclosure, and what they discover inside completely transforms their lives.

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When I think about people who harm animals or abandon them, it makes me really sad. But luckily, there are heroes who step in. I want to thank two special heroes, Bret Winingar and his son, Zach. They were riding a motorcycle near Little Rock, Arkansas, and they noticed an old dog carrier.



They got interested and moved closer to see. Surprisingly, there was a very skinny dog inside. The carrier was all dirty, and the dog had bitten a hole in it, trying to get out.



The father and son left the dog for a little while…



And came back in a car with dog food and water.

Bret and Zach decided to call her Charlie Bravo.

The dog started showing her appreciation for her rescuers before they even reached home.

The first thing Bret and Zach did was trim Charlie Bravo’s claws. They had grown so long during her time in the cage, that they curled inward, making it painful for the dog to walk.

After that, it was time for a bath.

Then, they took Charlie to the vet.


The vet determined that she was about eight months old. Based on the wounds on the Charlie’ body, the vet guessed that she had been in the carrier for a long time.

Charlie Bravo’s story quickly spread on Facebook. And soon, Bret and Zach started receiving donations from kind souls who wanted to help pay for Charlie’s veterinary costs.

Bret and his family gave the leftover donations to various animal charities, and also set up a new fund for rescued animals called “Charlie’s Angels.”

Bret—who initially hadn’t even thought of keeping Charlie—couldn’t bring himself to giving the dog away. Since rescuing Charlie, Bret and his family have also adopted three more rescued dogs.

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