People are saying that Post Malone singing ‘America the Beautiful’ is the best version they’ve ever heard.

Before the Super Bowl started, lots of people were excited to hear Reba McEntire sing the national anthem, and she did a great job.

But when it was Post Malone’s turn to sing “America the Beautiful,” many weren’t sure what to expect because of his tattoos.

Post Malone, who has been nominated for Grammy Awards ten times, sang “America the Beautiful” at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas before the 2024 Super Bowl.

At first, many of us weren’t sure how it would go, but now, looking back, it’s clear: Post Malone did really well.

On social media, lots of people are saying that Post Malone gave one of the best versions of “America the Beautiful” they’ve ever heard.




The 28-year-old rapper, wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and a brown blazer, sang the song with respect while playing his guitar.

One person said, “This is one of the best versions of America the Beautiful I’ve ever heard.” Another said, “Wow, Post Malone might have just sung the best version of America the Beautiful I have ever heard.”

Someone else said, “Post Malone’s version of America the Beautiful was the best I have ever heard.”

Another agreed, saying, “Post Malone just amazed me by singing the best version of America the Beautiful I have ever heard.”

Taylor Swift was another artist who seemed to enjoy the moment.



Post Malone is known for being genuine and honest, unlike some other celebrities. Even though he’s famous, the 28-year-old rapper prefers to keep his personal life private.

Austin Post, also known as Post Malone, recently talked about why privacy is important to him.

He said, “A lot of people feel like they deserve to know everything about everyone’s life. That’s why I don’t post pictures of my baby. I want her to decide when she’s ready.”

“We live in a world where everyone can reach you with a phone call, but you miss out on really knowing someone and seeing what’s really going on.”

Malone prefers to be in control of sharing news about his family with the world.


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Unlike many people, Post Malone didn’t announce the birth of his daughter. Instead, he casually mentioned it while talking to Howard Stern in June 2022.

“I want her to make her own decisions,” he told Stern when asked about keeping his daughter a secret.

Even the mother of his daughter, who is his fiancée, is not known. Malone has never said her name in public.

It wasn’t until summer 2023 that Malone revealed he asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him, and she said no at first!

Malone said he proposed in Las Vegas two years earlier after losing a lot of money at the table.

“We went upstairs, and I was really drunk. I asked her if she wanted to marry me, and she said ‘no.’ She told me to ask again tomorrow when I was sober. So, I did, and it was nice.”