People didn’t notice something important when Kate Middleton went to the hospital, and it’s surprising.

Princess Kate is back home with her kids at Adelaide Cottage after having surgery on her tummy. Kensington Palace said she left the hospital on Monday and is getting better. The palace didn’t share much about who visited her in the hospital, and there are rumors that the media made a deal with the royal family to not take pictures or wait outside the hospital. Some people are wondering if Kate’s children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, even went to see her in the hospital.

Daniela Elser, who knows a lot about royals, thinks something is strange. In her article, she questions if the royal family did the right thing, and she talks about a detail that everyone might have missed.

On Monday, the Princess of Wales left The London Clinic, as Kensington Palace told everyone.

Now, she will get better at her and Prince William’s home in Windsor, called Adelaide Cottage. She’ll spend time with their kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Kensington Palace said on Monday, “The Princess of Wales is back home in Windsor, getting better after her surgery. She’s improving well. The Prince and Princess want to thank the whole team at The London Clinic, especially the caring nurses, for taking care of her.”

The statement also said, “The Wales family is thankful for all the good wishes they got from people worldwide.”

They mentioned that Kate is not expected to go back to her public duties until after Easter, according to the advice from the doctors.

Prince William went to see Kate almost every day after her surgery. There are also reports that her kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, visited her.

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But later, some sources told the news that Kate’s children didn’t actually visit her in the hospital. Instead, the Princess of Wales used her phone to FaceTime with them. Emily Nash, who works for Hello Magazine and knows a lot about royals, said that Kate loves talking to her kids on FaceTime, especially when she’s away.

Emily Nash mentioned, “While Kate is in the hospital, William will be at home, trying to keep things normal for the kids. Both William and Kate are very involved parents – they take the kids to school, go to their sports events and concerts, and try to be there for bedtime.”

Even though Kate was not with William and the kids, their nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, has been a big help. She’s been with the family since 2014 and started taking care of Prince George when he was just eight months old.

Maria Borrallo is known for being very professional and dedicated to her job. She doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend because she focuses all her time on the family she works for. She was trained at the prestigious Norland College in Bath. Maria makes decisions at home about the children, following the wishes that William and Kate have outlined.

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The insider said, “Maria is strict, but she doesn’t make decisions about the kids’ discipline on her own. Kate and William, along with Maria, are strict with the children, but they somehow make it seem like they’re not strict at all.”

When Maria was hired, Kensington Palace said, “Maria is a full-time nanny who started working with us recently. She will be going with the Duke and Duchess and Prince George to New Zealand and Australia. We won’t share more details about Maria or her job, except to say that the Duke and Duchess are very happy she’s with them.”

Now that Kate is back in Windsor with her kids and can help with some chores, Maria’s support is still very important. When the family moved from Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage, Maria didn’t live in the same house anymore. But she lives in another place just around the corner.

Talking to Hello Magazine, parenting expert Jo Frost said that Maria is really important for William, Kate, and their children. Jo mentioned, “Maria’s caring ways and great help to the family mean the children are in good hands. This allows William to be there for his kids, handle his royal duties when he can, and give emotional support to his wife.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said that Kate needs to “rest as much as she can” after her surgery. This means the family can rely on Maria a lot in the next few weeks or months. Richard said, “There will be a lot of talk about when William can go back to royal duties. Maria’s help is even more important now, especially with King Charles temporarily unable to take on his full duties.”

He hoped Kate would get better soon, but he also mentioned a long recovery time. “William will be with her and won’t do royal duties for as long as needed. He has always put his family first. Kate is a hands-on mom, but having a nanny is crucial,” he added.

Richard Fitzwilliams continued to talk about Maria, saying she’s a perfect fit for the family. “Maria Teresa is very liked by the children. Her training at Norland College makes her perfect for this job. She usually stays in the background but is needed, especially at a time like this. Her training at Norland College, where she learned many skills and to work long hours if needed, will be really useful during the important weeks of Catherine’s recovery.”

He said, “The next few weeks might be tough, and Maria will be tested. But she’s trusted by the future King and Queen.”

Staying in a hospital is never enjoyable, but it seems Kate got the best treatment at The London Clinic.

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Prince William visited his wife Kate every day, but their kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, reportedly haven’t seen her. This is because they had school and other activities. However, they’ve been talking to their mom through Facetime.

When Kate went to the hospital, nobody saw her come in or leave. Even if her parents or the kids were there to visit, it wouldn’t have been seen. This makes royal expert Daniela Elser worried because nobody knows if the three royal kids spent time with Kate or even just said hello to her at the hospital.

In a new piece on, Daniela Elser talks about this detail that everyone might have missed: the possibility of George, Charlotte, and Louis not seeing their mom, and if that was a good idea. British tabloids, The Sun and the Daily Mail, reported about William visiting Kate at the hospital, but there was nothing about the kids.

Rebecca English, the Daily Mail royal editor, previously said that the media agreed not to have photographers, camera crews, or journalists outside the hospital. This was to let Kate recover privately from her surgery and to respect the privacy of other patients.

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So, Elser is asking if it wouldn’t have been easy for William to take George, Charlotte, and Louis to the hospital without dealing with journalists and photographers.

According to The Sun, one reason the kids didn’t go was that William and Kate wanted the kids to feel like everything was normal without their mom. That makes sense during the week. But, as Elser points out, what about the past weekend?

The kids still didn’t visit the hospital. Instead, they spent time at their grandparents’ place in Bucklebury, according to The Sun. Elser thinks that’s nice, and the grandparents can spoil them with treats, but she wonders if that’s better than getting a hug from their mom.

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Daniela Elser, who knows a lot about royals, said she understands that kids might find it scary to see a parent in a hospital bed. But she wonders if Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis would have preferred to see their mom and get love from her.

As someone from the royal team mentioned to the Sunday Times, William and Kate’s focus now is “100 percent family first, day job second.” Elser questions if that matches with the kids not going to see Kate.

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