Photo of Gray-Haired Jackie Chan Ahead of 70th Birthday Ignites Stir: ‘He Looks Completely Different’

Jackie Chan recently surprised his fans with a fresh appearance on a popular Chinese social media platform. A new photo of Chan quickly circulated online, sparking numerous reactions from fans and celebrities alike. Many expressed astonishment at Chan’s advancing age.

The revered martial artist and iconic film star, Jackie Chan, made an appearance in a video on a Chinese social media platform, showcasing his full head of gray hair as he approaches his 70th birthday. The video, which swiftly gained traction across the internet, was part of a report by Sichuan Observation on Weibo, capturing a special event in Luzhou, Sichuan.

The accompanying caption highlighted Chan’s presence at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Sealing Ceremony on March 11th, during which Chan humorously compared his age to the ancient brewing techniques of Luzhou Laojiao, jesting, “Luzhou Laojiao’s brewing technique has a history of 700 years, and I am 70 years old.”

During the ceremony, Chan, a father of two, expressed his deep connection with Luzhou and his admiration for the event, which marked his inaugural attendance. He conveyed a heartfelt desire for Chinese kung fu to flourish worldwide and for the rich aroma of Luzhou Laojiao to permeate every corner.

As photos of Chan’s altered appearance circulated, the internet responded with a mixture of surprise and admiration. A shared photo of Chan’s new look by The Daily Loud garnered significant attention, eliciting stunned reactions and nostalgic sentiments from fans.

Comments ranged from bewildered inquiries like “What happened to Jackie Chan?” and “Can’t believe he’s that old already” to expressions of disbelief such as “Yo I barely recognize him. A legend.” “He looks completely different” and “How?”

Fans reflected on their own disbelief with remarks like “Ahh, I couldn’t recognize him for a while” and “Unbelievable.” The collective sentiment underscored a reverence for the passage of time, with multiple fans expressing, “[What’s] happening to Jackie Chan?” and “Can’t believe that Jackie Chan is getting this old. Legend.”

Tolulope Michael, a cyber-security instructor and career coach, openly shared his emotional response to the viral photo, contemplating the inevitable process of aging and the bittersweet reality of witnessing a childhood hero grow older. He reminisced about the joy brought by Chan’s films from the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s, and expressed ongoing excitement for the anticipated release of “Rush Hour 4.”

In a touching tribute, Tolulope Michael expressed his heartfelt sorrow at witnessing one of the greatest actors of all time grow old. He acknowledged that while aging is inevitable, seeing Jackie Chan, a beloved childhood hero, age was particularly poignant for him.

Michael reminisced about Chan’s films from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, which brought joy to his childhood, and confessed to still watching them to relive those memories. Despite his reluctance to see Chan age, Michael recognized it as an unavoidable aspect of life.

Back in October 2017, Chan’s responses to questions on social media reflected his trademark wit and humility. When asked about his death, he humorously replied that “Jackie Chan never dies.” Dismissing retirement rumors, he affirmed his love for the movie business and expressed a desire to pursue directing if he ever retired from acting. While clarifying his residence, Chan humorously mentioned his global presence.

Despite suggestions of immortality, he modestly asserted that he was just an ordinary person with the courage to try new things. In the hypothetical fight between him and Bruce Lee, Chan graciously conceded victory to Lee.

Chan’s musings on life and work, as documented in his book “Never Grow Up,” parallel his recent appearance. He expressed a reluctance to retire and pondered the idea of suddenly disappearing one day, yet acknowledged that he would likely continue working until the end. He hoped to recognize the right time to step back from work and take care of himself, but also acknowledged his enduring passion for his craft.