Proud mama Pamela beams next to her grown son despite people blasting her for “dowdy” hair on the red carpet. Photos of the mother-son duo are in the comments below.

At this year’s Oscar Party, Pamela Anderson made a striking appearance alongside her son, Brandon Thomas Lee. Their presence on the red carpet sparked widespread discussion, particularly regarding Anderson’s choice to showcase her natural beauty, including her gray hair.

Pamela Anderson, aged 56, graced the red carpet of the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party accompanied by her grown-up son, Brandon Thomas Lee. Their joint appearance, characterized by simplicity and familial warmth, captivated onlookers and ignited conversations that transcended mere fashion.

While Brandon received widespread acclaim for his debonair appearance reminiscent of his father, Tommy Lee, Pamela’s decision to embrace her natural look garnered mixed reactions, particularly concerning her hairstyle.

Social media users expressed varied opinions, with some questioning Anderson’s choice not to style her hair for the event. Others applauded her for embracing her natural appearance but suggested minor improvements to her hairstyle.

Critics pointed out the contrast between Anderson’s iconic glamorous image and her current understated look, with some expressing surprise at the departure from her usual red-carpet persona.

However, amidst the debate over Anderson’s appearance, there was unanimous praise for Brandon’s handsome looks, with many noting his striking resemblance to his father, Tommy Lee.

Anderson’s decision to adopt a more casual and natural look reflects her evolving perspective on beauty and self-presentation, challenging conventional standards in the entertainment industry.

Despite criticism from some quarters, Anderson remains steadfast in her preference for simplicity, emphasizing her ability to dress herself without relying on a glam team.

Both Anderson and her son, Brandon, have been vocal about reclaiming their narratives and presenting themselves authentically, shedding light on their family-oriented values and priorities.

In a recent Instagram video, Anderson was seen sporting her natural gray hair in partnership with a laundry detergent brand, further embracing her authentic self and challenging traditional beauty norms.

Draped in a flowing white dress, the Hollywood “It” girl gracefully engaged in the mundane task of doing laundry. Contrary to viewing it as a chore, Anderson finds solace and tranquility in this everyday activity, considering it a form of therapy.

When the public caught a glimpse of the 56-year-old icon, renowned for her long-standing tradition of dyeing her hair blonde, they were enamored by her appearance. One admirer, particularly impressed by her embrace of the natural aging process, commended Anderson, stating, “I love how she is embracing aging.”

Fans couldn’t help but shower praise on the “Barb Wire” star’s timeless beauty, with comments pouring in expressing adoration like, “She is so beautiful” and “Amazingly beautiful.”

Anderson’s recent Instagram video showcasing her stripped-down, natural look isn’t an isolated incident. Throughout her appearances, including her book tour, she has consistently opted for a makeup-free aesthetic.

Reflecting on her past, Anderson revealed that she often deferred to others’ opinions regarding her appearance. However, following the passing of her favorite makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, she made the decision to forego makeup altogether.

Describing her new look as “freeing, fun, and a little rebellious,” Anderson embraces the changes that accompany aging, acknowledging, “I think we all start looking a little funny when we get older. And I’m kind of laughing at myself when I look at the mirror.”

Anderson concludes her statement by expressing contentment with her current phase of life, describing her journey of embracing her new appearance as a joyous one.