Teen Idol Rob Lowe, 59, Found Happiness with an Older Wife – Meet the Woman Who Saved His Life 3 Decades Ago

From a prominent young Hollywood star to a grounded, sober family man, Rob Lowe’s journey epitomizes profound change and resilience.

With notable roles in major films and TV shows, Lowe’s early career experienced both successes and setbacks. However, everything took a positive turn when he crossed paths with his wife, Sheryl Berkoff. She played a pivotal role in guiding him towards stability and fulfillment.

Now at 59, Lowe reflects with gratitude on his life’s journey, proud of his professional accomplishments and personal growth. Together with Berkoff, who is three years his senior, they have navigated the challenges of fame, prioritized sobriety, and raised a family. Their enduring bond is frequently praised by Lowe in interviews and on social media platforms.

Lowe’s rise to fame was propelled by standout roles in films such as “The Outsiders” and “St. Elmo’s Fire,” establishing him as a prominent figure in 1980s cinema. However, his rapid ascent was accompanied by struggles with substance abuse, particularly cocaine, which was rampant in Hollywood during that era.

A pivotal moment in Lowe’s life came in the early ’90s when he recognized the need for change after missing a critical voicemail from his mother due to intoxication. This wake-up call prompted him to seek rehabilitation, marking the beginning of his journey to sobriety. Meeting Berkoff played a crucial role in his recovery, providing him with the stability and support needed for personal transformation.

Despite personal challenges, Lowe’s career continued to thrive with roles in acclaimed TV series such as “The West Wing” and “Parks and Recreation,” earning him widespread acclaim and adoration from fans.

Lowe attributes his fulfillment in life to his partnership with Berkoff, whom he met during the filming of “Bad Influence” in 1990. Berkoff’s unwavering support and influence were instrumental in Lowe’s decision to embrace sobriety and pursue personal growth.

Their enduring bond led to marriage in 1991 and the birth of two sons, Matthew and John Owen. Berkoff’s multifaceted talents, including her career as a makeup artist and founder of Sheryl Lowe Jewelry, further enrich their partnership.

Lowe frequently expresses his deep appreciation for Berkoff, emphasizing their strong friendship and shared values. Celebrating over three decades of marriage, Lowe acknowledges Berkoff’s profound impact on his life and career.

In addition to prioritizing sobriety and personal well-being, Lowe emphasizes the importance of family, cherishing his role as a husband and father. With Berkoff by his side, Lowe has found fulfillment and happiness, demonstrating that enduring love is achievable even in the tumultuous world of Hollywood.