Shaun Cassidy, who sang “Da Doo Ron Ron,” couldn’t catch a break when he went out because female fans were always around him, admiring him wherever he went.

Shaun Cassidy was really famous when he was young. Lots of girls loved him a lot. They always followed him around, so he hardly ever got a moment alone. Sometimes, he’d pretend to be dating someone’s sister just to get some space from his fans.

In real life, Shaun Cassidy fell in love with three really beautiful women.

Shaun became famous when he starred in “Hardy Boys,” but his family was already famous. His parents are Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones, who is a famous actress. His older half-brother David and his younger siblings Patrick and Ryan were also in showbiz.

After “Hardy Boys,” Shaun focused on making music.


Unspecified – 1977: Shaun Cassidy appearing in the ABC tv special ‘The Magic of ABC’. (Photo by American Broadcasting Companies via Getty Images)


It didn’t take long for Shaun Cassidy to become super famous as a teenage heartthrob. He had lots of hit songs and went on tours, making his female fans go crazy for him.

But all that fame made life hard for Shaun. His fans would even show up at his house, so he had to move to a place with a fence to get some privacy.

This made Shaun feel really sad and stressed out. To help him feel better, his mom got him a dog named Son. Shaun loved Son so much that he was scared someone might try to take him away. He didn’t even want to take pictures with Son because he was worried about him being stolen.

Shaun couldn’t go anywhere alone because his fans would follow him everywhere. He had to have his friends or even police officers with him to keep the fans away. The media was always watching him too, so he couldn’t do anything without everyone knowing about it.


(Original Caption) Hollywood: Janet Louise Johnson, 18, (C) poses with Shaun Cassidy (L) and Parker Stevenson at Universal Studios. Janet replaces Pamela Sue Martin in the role as Nancy Drew in an episode with the Hardy Boys. The episode called “Voodoo Doll” will be a two part series and will be aired on ABC-TV Feb. 12th and 19th.

It’s kind of funny, but people used to ask Shaun Cassidy a lot about Marie Osmond, even though he never met her. Finally, he got tired of it and joked, “Ah, it was just one wild night.” This joke got everyone talking, and it became a big headline.

Even though lots of women liked Shaun, only three really stole his heart: Ann Pennington, Susan Diol, and Tracey Lynne Turner.

Shaun settled down when he was 21 and got married to Ann Pennington, who was a model and used to be a Playboy bunny. They had three kids together.

Shaun wanted to spend time with his family away from all the fame when he got older. So, during the 1980s, he didn’t do much in the spotlight. Sadly, his marriage to Ann ended in 1992.

Shaun Cassidy and Wife Ann Pennington during ABC Network “All-Star” Party – June 11, 1987 at Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California, United States. (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

After his first marriage ended, Cassidy dated actress Susan Diol for two years before they married on May 7, 1995.

It took his children years to understand who their father was in his younger years, with a daughter of his even wondering about it while watching old videos.

Diol and Cassidy had a daughter named Juliet Jones. Their marriage lasted seven years, and they divorced in 2003. It took years before Cassidy found love again, but finally, after two failed marriages, he fell for the absolute love of his life.


After his marriage to Susan Diol ended, Shaun Cassidy married Tracey Lynne Turner in 2004. She works in TV and they have four kids together.

In total, Shaun has eight kids with his three wives. It took his children a while to understand why so many people used to scream for their dad when he was younger. One of his daughters even asked, “Why are those ladies screaming?” while watching old videos.

Shaun and Tracey live in a nice wooden house with their young kids. They have a big backyard with a trail, a huge garden, a baseball field, and a barn. They also have lots of pets like horses, goats, pigs, tortoises, and birds. It’s a great place for their kids to grow up because they’re close to nature.

Inside their house, there are reminders of Shaun’s days as a famous teen idol, like an old arcade game, his silver boots from performances, and records he got for his songs. These things bring back memories of his past.

Shaun used to work more behind the scenes with his company, Shaun Cassidy Productions, but now he’s back on tour. He’s not the same young idol he used to be though. His voice has gotten deeper over the years. Some fans found out that his producers used to make his voice sound higher on his records. But even though he’s not as wild and loud as he was in the ’70s, people still buy tickets to see him perform.

Through everything, his wife has been there for him. Shaun once said he wouldn’t be where he is without her.

At 64 years old, Shaun is still going strong. He’s excited to experience more things with his young kids and be there for all their milestones.

His ex-wives, Susan Diol and Ann Pennington, have moved on too. Susan has a new partner, and Ann still looks young at 73.