She had the voice of an angel, the heart of a warrior, and for her death, everyone blames the man whose name she engraved on her stomach with glass.

Every era of music brings forth a few exceptional talents who not only define their time but also transcend generational boundaries, leaving an enduring mark on the history of art. Amy Winehouse, a singer whose voice resonated like an angel’s, and whose heart was that of a warrior, was precisely such an extraordinary talent.

Amy was born on this day with a gift that was recognizable from the first note. Her voice was more than just music; it was an expression of her emotions, deeply rooted in every note she uttered. As she sang, it seemed as though her heart was laid bare, and her soul spoke. Her interpretation of songs was honest, unapologetic, and that’s what connected people to her. Her ballads reminded us of pain and love, of joy and sorrow, of life in its full complexity.

Authenticity and Courage

What made Amy unique wasn’t just her musical talent but also her authenticity and courage. She wasn’t afraid to be herself, to express her opinions and feelings, no matter how controversial. It was her way of battling the internal and external demons that haunted her throughout her life. Her openness about her struggles with addiction and mental health inspired many to openly confront their demons and seek help.

Always with heavy eyeliner and teased hair

Thick eyeliner was almost mandatory in every look, and her hair was always teased. She often completed her style with a flower or a scarf in her hair. Many designers claimed she was an endless source of inspiration, earning her praise and support from them.

At the age of 17, she met musician Blake Fielder-Civil, and many believe that was the beginning of her downfall. They didn’t get along at first, but later, they started a romance. Amy’s family didn’t support her relationship, and on May 18, 2007, she married Blake in Miami.


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“I made the biggest mistake of my life by taking heroin in front of her. I introduced her to heroin, crack cocaine, and self-harming. I feel more than guilty,” Blake confessed in 2008.

It was a tumultuous and toxic relationship filled with arguments, ultimately destructive for Amy.

In June 2007, during an interview, the singer shocked everyone by revealing the words “I love Blake” carved onto her stomach with a sharp piece of glass. Two months later, Amy ended up in the hospital after overdosing on a cocktail of drugs composed of heroin, ketamine, cocaine, and ecstasy, and shortly thereafter, they divorced.

Her battle with alcohol addiction led to the cancellation of her European tour following a disastrous performance in Belgrade. She threw her microphone on the floor and left the stage. A month later, her bodyguard, Andrew Morris, found her lifeless in her bedroom. An autopsy revealed that she died from alcohol poisoning.

She refused any help, believing it would affect her creativity. She often suffered from depression and was broken, and many blame her father for not allowing her to withdraw from the public eye and take time to recover.


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“What makes me laugh? Nothing. When I’m drunk, everything’s funny. When I’m sober, I just say, f*** off! Leave me alone,” Amy once said. In 2005, Amy managed to overcome her drug addiction.

Inconsistent Brilliance and Premature Silence

Unfortunately, as is often the case with geniuses, her star shone all too briefly. She passed away at the age of 27, leaving the world without her irreplaceable talent. But her legacy didn’t vanish. Her albums remain a testament to her artistic genius and the deep emotions she conveyed through her music.