Strange looking item has everyone on the internet completely baffled

Sometimes, peculiar items on the internet leave us bewildered until explanations come to the rescue. Here’s the story of one such enigmatic item and its surprising purpose.

According to BrightSide, someone stumbled upon a puzzling object while sifting through their dad’s drawer. It had a cylindrical shape with two attachments on the sides.

The query, accompanied by a picture of the mysterious object, was posted on Reddit. Reddit is known for its online community where people seek answers to unusual questions.

The Reddit community quickly unraveled the mystery. The confusing item turned out to be an innocent extra attachment for a juicer, specifically a part of a Sunbeam Mixmaster juicer attachment. The original attachment had a bowl attached to the top of the mixer, and this particular spout was used for pouring out juice while the wire part helped filter out pulp.


Once the true purpose of the item was revealed, everything suddenly made sense. Without this explanation, it would indeed appear baffling.

One can only imagine the original poster’s confusion when they couldn’t identify the use of the object, especially since it was missing the accompanying bowl. It must have been a head-scratcher!

All in all, it’s a surprising revelation that this odd-looking contraption had everything to do with a juicer. If you found this story intriguing, you might enjoy another tale about a boyfriend’s bewilderment over his girlfriend’s item.