The Best Marriage Advice From A Divorced Woman

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Ladies, I really think this is the best marriage advice from a divorced woman – you will ever have!

This woman was divorced after 7 years of marriage and here’s what she has to say:

Ladies, you should always look for the best in him.
You should have sex with him – more often. All the time, if necessary.

Sometimes you must seek advice from older, wiser women who have been successful in their marriages. Sometimes, it is impossible to make good decisions (especially when you are emotional). And remember, seeking advice from your friends who are your age is not as good as advice from older women.
Sometimes you should let him zonk out. And remember, your man is not ignoring you, they just have brain freeze moments.

NO, it is not your job to change him or fix him. We are all on a journey.
Make sure you tell him how great, strong, smart, manly he is – all the time (because they tend to forget).
Never forget or take for granted that your man chose you.
You should always laugh at his jokes (even if they are not funny).
Let’s face it – we are not responsible for our reactions, no one else. We can’t blame him for everything, and we have to take full responsibility for our emotions and how we respond.

Note: and so must he.

He must allow his man to be fair. Be a comfort, be a kind and generous spirit when times demand it.
You must stop complaining when he comes home. Let him relax.
You must always love him the way he needs, not the way you assume he needs. Be sensitive and ready to show him that you love him in the way he understands best.

Make yourself beautiful. The more feminine you act, the more you remind him that he is a man.
You should always give him your time and attention when he needs it.

You should never talk about other men, even if they are fictional or cinematic.
Be willing to have him sexually. Let him know that he needs your male presence, that you trust him fully.

This is also very important for you to remember – never read advice from strangers on the Internet. They probably don’t know you and will make you do stupid crap that will not be applicable or appropriate in your marriage….
You must give him space. He needs time to find his new self.