No matter how gross you feel, NEVER shower at these 3 times

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No matter how gross you feel, NEVER shower at these 3 times

1. During A Thunderstorm

National Weather Service lightning specialist John Jensenius told the Today show that home plumbing is highly conductive during a thunderstorm. In other words, if lightning hits your house — or even comes close to it – the electricity can travel through your pipes and deliver a powerful shock to anyone touching the water. (Talk about very very frightening! That goes for washing dishes and clothes, too, as well as touching appliances plugged into the wall. Once the storm passes, wait at least half an hour before running the shower, just to be sure.

2. Right After A Workout

You have just finished a cycling session or an aerobics class?
According to Shape, before hitting the showers, you should stretch immediately after working out. Wait too long, and your muscles cool down and contract, making you more prone to injury if you try to stretch later. Take at least 10 minutes to bend and get loose; then you can go wash up. In fact, it’s a good idea to get out of your sweaty clothes within half an hour of exercising, which reduces the odds of breakouts and yeast infections.

3. After Getting A Manicure

You just spent a chunk of time and money getting your nails lacquered to a perfect shine. According to Allure, keep them that way by waiting at least six hours before showering or doing the dishes, advised Allure. Hot water will soften the fresh polish and make it more likely to chip and peel away.