The staff at a preschool were curious about where a little boy’s mother was. When they found out the reason, it made everyone laugh.

We all know that kids can say funny things, and sometimes their stories can get a little wild. That’s exactly what happened to Jen when her son’s preschool teacher sent her a funny video.

Jen, who goes by @daisy232713 on TikTok, shared the video on the app. In the video, she’s seen shaking her head while holding her hand to her forehead. She wrote, “when your son’s preschool teacher sends cute little videos.”

Then, the video from the preschool shows her son Charlie being asked, “Where is mom?” Charlie responds that she’s sick. When asked why, he says, “She’s hungover.” This makes everyone in the room burst out laughing.

You can watch the clip here:

@daisy232713 #tiktok #thatsall #fyp #wtfcharlie ♬ original sound – Jen

But Jen wants to make it clear that what her son said isn’t true. She didn’t drink the night before. Thankfully, she has a good relationship with the teachers, and everyone found it funny.

A lot of people who have kids can relate to this. In the comments, many shared their own funny stories:

“My kid once told someone that they would be happier if their dad didn’t go to jail every weekend. He worked as a correctional officer.”

“My son told his teacher that I never showered. I always waited until he was asleep.”

“My child drew a picture of a wine glass and said it was my favorite drink when I was in first grade. But I don’t even drink wine.”

“My son told his teacher at preschool that I drink while I drive. What I was drinking: iced coffee from Starbucks.”

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