This is what Julia Roberts’ 16-year-old daughter looks like, and she looks a lot like her lovely mom.

Julia Roberts’ daughter surprises people with how she looks.

Julia Roberts is known as one of the most beautiful actresses. She’s successful in her job and personal life. She’s married to Dennis Moder and they have three kids – two boys and a girl named Hazel.

Julia is already 54 years old, but she looks much younger. She enjoys doing hobbies with her family.

Hazel, who is 16 years old, surprises people with her looks.

Hazel is a twin. Julia kept her children private for a while, but now people can see Hazel growing up and she’s turning into a real beauty.

At first, Hazel looked more like her dad, but now she’s starting to look more like her mom. Some people even say she looks like Scarlett Johansson, even though they’re not related.

Julia doesn’t push Hazel to become famous. She wants her to choose a normal job. Hazel is doing really well in school.

Hazel probably won’t be one of those young people who rely on their parents’ money to succeed. Soon, many opportunities will open up for her.