You Won’t Believe How This Toddler’s Anthem Performance Made 6,000 People Stand!

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I’ve always loved theater and admire anyone who can confidently stand on stage to sing and act. Adults spend years practicing to make it look easy.

But the performer you’re about to see is not an adult. He’s a 3-year-old boy, probably the youngest I’ve ever seen perform the National Anthem.

His performance is touching so many hearts, and nearly half a million people have watched his video.

Three-year-old Drake Winslow is the youngest person to sing the National Anthem at the School Day game in Syracuse, New York.

This brave little boy sang the song perfectly in front of 6,000 people.

His incredible performance earned a standing ovation.

“I just think he’s too little to realize how big of a deal it is,” said Drake’s mother, Chelsea, who stood by his side as he sang.

“We try to stay calm for him and not make a big deal out of it. We don’t ask him if he’s nervous, so he doesn’t think about it. I don’t think he really knows what being nervous is yet.”

His mom says her sweet son loves to sing around the house but his favorite song has always been Star Spangled Banner.

Now he can’t wait to sing it again, according to Tip Hero.

Watch Drake’s dorable performance in the clip below.

What a sweet little boy! I hope he keeps doing what he loves because it makes so many people happy.

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