10 Reasons Why Single Women Are Attracted To Married Men

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1. She knows that he is willing to commit

Commitment is one of the most important things that women look for in a relationship. When a woman sees a married man, she knows that he is not afraid to keep his words. He will stand by you, even if his world breaks down. He is devoted towards one woman only and will never ever leave your side.

2. They appear more grown-up

Being in a relationship with a boy is different from being in a relationship with a man. Married men are way more mature than single men. They have a sense of responsibility. They have their own house and they don’t live of off their parent’s money. They earn and support their wives and family in all the way possible. Unlike boys or single men, they don’t make stupid, immature decisions.

3. They don’t flee at the first mention of “feelings”

Married men are not afraid of confrontations. They are good listeners. They never run away from deep and meaningful conversations. They are never afraid to make the first move. They don’t back down from confessing their feelings about the other person. They are very transparent and are always ready to share their emotions with the person they love.

4. They have learned to balance work and life

Making time for your relationship is very important. To find the balance between work and life is very important. This comes with age and experience. Single men find it very difficult to cope with both, but married men do it with ease. Work cannot be neglected, as money is also a very important factor in keeping a relationship alive.

5. They don’t feel awkward to talk about money

Nowadays money has become an important factor and married couples don’t shy away when it comes to discussing the expenses and their budget. Men are not the only bread earners in the family. The wife also earns to support the relationship. Immature men and boys run away when it is the time to discuss money. The married couple discusses the budget for a smooth livelihood. Married men are very proud of their wives who earn more than them. They don’t discourage the woman or ask them to stay at home.

6. They are perfect for those with intimacy issues

There are a lot of women who don’t know what exactly the word ‘commitment’ means. They are very emotionally weak and vulnerable. For these kinds of women, married men are the best solution. Married men would not mind if the woman doesn’t want to get deeply involved emotionally. They would be happy to give her company, even without those feelings, as the married man has a wife with whom he is already emotionally connected. This is where the idea of a love affair grows.

7. They know how to say the right things

Married men are far more experienced than single men. They have been in more relationships than single men. They are far more experienced, they are very practical and, most importantly, they know how to speak to a woman. Certain things have to be said in a particular way to have the right amount of impact and this knowledge comes with age and experience.

8. It gives you an ego boost

When married men flirt with single women, they make the woman feel validated. They make you feel important and needed. You might not even try to compete with the woman he is married to, but just the risk that he is talking to you, gives you an adrenaline rush and boosts your ego.

9. They offer an emotional roller coaster

Women love drama. One simply cannot fathom the quantum of risk, arguments and drama that a married man can offer to a single woman. The single woman must be well aware of the man’s moves and working hours etc. One wrong move can result in the complete destruction of the man’s family and marriage.

10. They feel like all good men are taken

An average woman has been in and out of umpteen relationships. After all the failed relationships, they feel like good men have seized to exist. But when a woman meets a married man who is far more responsible, focused and mature than most of the men she has dated, she feels heartbroken that the man has already been taken by someone else.