How do you know if a man will leave you for another woman?

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When a man wants to leave his wife for another woman, it is the beginning of the end of the marriage. This implies the man feels intimate with another woman, and he is currently establishing an emotional association with her. At this point, the journey to divorce is probably halfway.

Here are some alarming signs that your man is about to leave you for another woman

1. He keeps an emotional distance from you

It is easy to know when the emotional connection between you and your husband is low. Your husband will hide under the guise of being busy, and it will make you reflect- does he have feelings for another woman?

You will observe he won’t maintain eye contact with you, or he will refuse to discuss with you. In addition, the mutual interests he shares with you in some things will die down.

2. He treats you like a roommate

Are you suspecting if your husband is seeing another woman? Do you have questions like, does he really love the other woman?

One way you can confirm this is how he treats you in the house. If he avoids you or barely has sex with you, he is getting it from another woman.

3. He spends less time with you

When your husband is in love with another woman, he will spend less time with you. Women can easily notice when a man is drifting, especially if he doesn’t fancy spending time with them.

At this point, the man has a different priority from his matrimonial home as he is about to leave a long-term relationship for someone else.