3 Beloved Celebrities Who Bare Their Underwear in Completely See-through Outfits after 50

In defiance of conventional age-related fashion norms, three notable celebrities are boldly challenging perceptions by flaunting their style with confidence, despite being over 50. Their fearless approach extends to embracing see-through outfits, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to breaking the mold and celebrating their individuality.

One such trailblazer is the 53-year-old talk show host Kelly Ripa, whose recent appearance at the Oscars alongside her husband, Mark Consuelos, sparked both admiration and debate.

Clad in a striking black Jason Wu gown adorned with semi-sheer lace, Kelly exuded glamour on the red carpet, drawing attention to her daring fashion choice.

Despite the mixed reactions, Kelly’s ensemble received overwhelming praise from admirers captivated by her impeccable style. Her signature loose blonde curls and smoky gold eye makeup complemented the ensemble, further enhancing her radiant appearance.

Kelly’s dedication to fitness and well-being is well-known, with her rigorous exercise regimen and high-alkaline diet playing key roles in maintaining her health and vitality. As a mother of three, Kelly’s commitment to leading a balanced lifestyle underscores her belief in the importance of physical and emotional well-being.

While Kelly sets the standard for defying age-related fashion stereotypes, the legendary musician Cher, now in her 70s, continues to captivate audiences with her bold and boundary-pushing style. Collaborating with renowned costumier Bob Mackie, Cher has become synonymous with daring fashion choices that defy convention and celebrate individuality.

From her iconic appearances at the Oscars to her fearless embrace of revealing ensembles, Cher’s fashion journey has been characterized by a steadfast commitment to self-expression and authenticity.

Despite facing criticism and scrutiny, Cher remains unapologetic in her sartorial choices, embodying the mantra that age should never limit one’s ability to express themselves through fashion.

As these celebrities boldly challenge societal expectations and redefine the boundaries of fashion, they serve as inspirational figures for individuals of all ages, encouraging them to embrace their unique sense of style and celebrate their individuality without reservation.

In her second ensemble, Cher opted for a bold black jumpsuit adorned with sparkling rhinestones, revealing her figure beneath a layer of black lingerie. Completing her daring look, she donned a voluminous black curly wig, paired with a sleek black leather jacket and thigh-high black leather boots. Sharing a snapshot of this outfit on February 8, 2017, Cher sparked a flurry of divided opinions among her followers.

While some fans hailed her look as stunning and iconic, showering her with praise and admiration, others expressed disdain and disapproval. Admirers lauded Cher’s fearless fashion choices, remarking that only she could effortlessly carry off such a daring ensemble.

However, detractors criticized her attire, deeming it inappropriate for her age and questioning the propriety of her fashion choices. Despite the contrasting opinions, Cher’s bold and boundary-pushing style continues to evoke strong reactions and cement her status as a fashion icon.

Despite encountering diverse opinions, Cher remains unfazed by the passing years. Her extensive career spans decades, during which she fearlessly embraced various fashion and beauty experiments, even achieving milestones like winning an Oscar. However, amidst her boldness, there’s reportedly one boundary she refuses to cross: she adamantly refuses to let her hair turn gray.

While many celebrities opted for a natural look during the pandemic, Cher made it clear that her iconic jet-black hair wasn’t going anywhere. In her own words, “[Going gray] is fine for other girls, I’m just not doing it!”

Cher is open to trying different beauty styles but stresses the importance of enjoying the process. She believes that people who excessively criticize others’ makeup choices should redirect their focus to more meaningful matters.

Over time, Cher’s approach to beauty has evolved. While she enjoys adding glamour with “big eyelashes,” she advises those seeking to emulate her iconic look to remember that “less is more.”

Cher believes that living life on her own terms is the key to happiness. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a playful spirit to stay young at heart, asserting that if you never stop being a girl, you’ll never grow old. In May 2023, she shared her thoughts on aging on X (formerly Twitter) on her birthday.

Reflecting on her aging process, Cher expressed confusion about feeling old, citing difficulty understanding numerical ages due to her dyslexia. Despite her challenges, she remains committed to maintaining her youthful spirit and appearance.

Later that year, when asked about her secret to looking fabulous in her 70s, Cher reminisced about conversations with her friend Paulette regarding cutting their hair and abandoning jeans as they aged.

However, she noted that she hadn’t reached that point yet and expressed disbelief at nearing 80. Regardless, she affirmed her intention to continue embracing her signature style, including her long hair and jeans.

While Cher has garnered attention in her 70s, Donna Mills made waves at 82 with her recent Instagram posts. Sharing photos from Orcas Island, where she attended her godson’s wedding, Mills impressed fans with her stunning all-black ensemble, despite some detractors questioning her choice of attire.

Despite receiving mixed opinions, Mills remains confident in her fashion choices and refuses to let age dictate her wardrobe. Her resilience in the face of ageist criticism reflects her commitment to authenticity and self-expression.

In a world where fashion norms often dictate age-appropriate attire, Cher, Kelly Ripa, and Donna Mills challenge stereotypes and inspire others to embrace their individuality.

Through their fearless fashion choices and unwavering confidence, these iconic figures remind us that age is no barrier to self-expression and living authentically.