Julia Roberts Wears Dress Covered in George Clooney’s Face

Julia Roberts wore a special dress on Sunday to a fancy event in Washington, DC. Her dress was made by a designer named Jeremy Scott from Moschino. The dress had pictures of her friend George Clooney all over it, showing moments from his acting career and even his magazine cover. The pictures were in gold frames.

Julia also wore a short black jacket and shiny silver jewelry with her dress. It was a unique and special outfit for the event.



Before the special event at the White House, Julia Roberts seemed to be wearing another outfit. In the pictures taken on Sunday, she was seen in a stylish black outfit with shiny details at a reception hosted by President Joe Biden for the Kennedy Center honorees. This was before the main ceremony took place in the East Room of the White House.



Stewart and the people who work with Julia Roberts didn’t respond right away when Insider asked for a comment.

On Sunday, George Clooney, along with other notable people like Gladys Knight, Amy Grant, Tania León, and members of the U2 band, was honored at an event. They recognized him for his long career in acting and his efforts to do good in the world.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney have been good friends for a long time. Clooney shared with People in 2016 that they first met while filming the heist movie “Ocean’s Eleven” in 2001. Recently, they acted together in a romantic comedy called “Ticket to Paradise,” released in 2022. It’s about a divorced couple who work together to disrupt their daughter’s wedding.



The famous friends, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, like to joke around and play pranks on each other when they’re working together. In an interview in October, Julia mentioned that she has George saved in her phone as “Batman.”

George Clooney once said in a speech at the 2013 BAFTA Britannia Awards that it’s tough for him to be too nice to Julia because she might play a prank on him later. Despite the teasing, he also called her an incredible mother, a wonderful wife, and a fantastic friend.