Dad of 10 Eddie Murphy Dumped His Famous Ex & Made Her Prove Paternity via DNA – inside His Fatherhood

Eddie Murphy, the renowned actor, has embraced fatherhood wholeheartedly, raising his ten children without playing favorites. Despite this dedication, contentious remarks about the mother of his eighth child have haunted him for over two decades.

His journey into parenthood began with his ex Paulette McNeely, with whom he shares his eldest son, Eric, now in his thirties. Shortly after, he welcomed Christian with his former girlfriend Tamara Hood.

During his marriage to ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy, Eddie expanded his family with five children: Bella, Myles, Zola, Shayne, and Bria. His youngest two, Izzy and Max, were born to his long-time partner and fiancée Paige Butcher.

Additionally, he shares a daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, with Melanie Brown, famously known as Mel B from the Spice Girls, who was born on his 46th birthday in 2007.

In a candid conversation on the “WTF” podcast with Marc Maron in March 2021, Eddie expressed his profound love for fatherhood and emphasized prioritizing his children above all else. He stressed the importance of considering their well-being in every decision, reflecting on the guidance they provide in challenging moments.

Proudly, Eddie proclaimed his blessings, affirming that he has no “bad seed” among his children. Despite encountering negativity and criticism, particularly regarding his past relationship with Mel B, Eddie remains grateful for his children’s brilliance and down-to-earth nature.

His relationship with Mel B faced scrutiny and controversy, marked by public disputes and legal battles over custody and child support for their daughter, Angel. Despite the challenges, Eddie has remained committed to providing for his children, demonstrating his enduring dedication to fatherhood.

In a recent court ruling in August 2022, Eddie, acknowledged as an “extraordinarily high earner,” agreed to an increase in child support payments for Angel, contributing $35,000 per month. This decision underscores his ongoing commitment to his daughter’s welfare, reflecting his unwavering devotion as a father.

In her memoir “Brutally Honest,” published in 2018, the mother of three disclosed the rekindled bond between Angel and Eddie, highlighting their close relationship since their reunion in May 2017, orchestrated by the actor’s mother.

Additionally, in a 2019 interview feature, Mel B shared that Angel was a planned child, affirming Eddie as the enduring love of her life. Despite being visibly affected by past controversies, including Eddie’s public questioning of paternity, Mel B stated that Eddie continues to express remorse for his remarks.

Respectful of Eddie’s current partner, Paige, Mel B declined to speculate on the possibility of reconciliation if Eddie were to become single again.

Throughout his tumultuous relationship with Mel B, Eddie Murphy has consistently prioritized his family. The acclaimed actor paused his career for approximately six years, initially intending a brief hiatus that unexpectedly extended.

However, driven by a desire to showcase his comedic talents once more, Eddie embarked on a comeback journey, stating, “Let me get off the couch and do some stuff and remind them that I’m funny.” Now, as he approaches his 63rd birthday, Eddie has made a triumphant return with the well-received film “Coming to America 2.”